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How Courses Transfer 

It is important to know whether or not a course transfers to your next institution. It is even more important to know how it transfers. Ideally you want your NCMC courses to count toward your degree at your next institution. If a course will only transfer as elective credit, be sure your intended degree program has room for elective courses at the 100-200 level.

Associate of Arts Degree

If you complete an Associate of Arts degree at NCMC it will transfer to any Missouri state school as having met your lower level general education requirements. It is still important to choose your NCMC courses wisely so you don’t have to go back and pick up a class at your transfer school that could have been a part of your AA. (For example our students have several choices for life science credit. If the major at your transfer school requires biology, do not take zoology for NCMC general education life science credit. If you do, you will still have to take biology to meet the department requirements at your transfer school.)

General Education Block

The general education block will also transfer to any Missouri state school except the University of Missouri - Columbia. The general education block may be a good option for you if NCMC doesn’t offer 17 hours of elective credit that will apply to your transfer school major. See one of the counselors or the registrar for more information on the “gen ed” block.

Course Equivalencies

You can also check course by course equivalencies at your transfer school. Many schools have the agreements posted on their web sites. Look here if you are just picking up a few courses to transfer or if you want to see how your NCMC electives will transfer at your next school.