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Benefits of Selecting a Transfer School Early 

Save Time

You can save yourself time by knowing early where you want to transfer and streamlining your application and transfer process.

Save Money

You can save money. Most schools will charge you an application fee and by deciding early you will apply to fewer schools, which will cost you less money. Many schools have surprisingly early deadlines for scholarships and other financial aid and by deciding early you can avoid unpleasant surprises in this area.

Less Stress

You can save yourself stress because you will only have one school’s information to keep track of, you should know before you transfer how all of your coursework will transfer, you can familiarize yourself with your transfer school and the academic department you will be in and you will have an answer for all those people who ask what your plans are after you leave NCMC.

You will have better options for housing whether on campus or off-campus, which will probably save you both money and stress.

A Transfer Contact Record form is available to record information you gather as you contact transfer schools you are interested in.