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Preparing for College 

Many students ask “What should I be doing to prepare for college?” Here are some tips.

• Take college prep courses in high school (all English, math & science available)

• Get involved in college prep programs like Upward Bound or A+.

• Develop effective study habits (do all homework assignments accurately and timely, etc.) It’s worth the time invested.

• Consider whether dual credit classes might be right for you (Dual Credit FAQ)

• Juniors and Seniors, ask your counselor or NCMC’s Tech Prep Coordinator about Tech Prep class credit opportunities. It is possible to ‘jump ahead’ up to 15 credit hours for many vocation-related courses taken at your area career center or high school. After completing one semester as a full time student at NCMC, you can ask to articulate Tech Prep courses taken during high school to count for college credit.

• Select your plan of study (career and major options) (

• Take the ACT or SAT

• Complete the FAFSA. ( This will determine whether you are eligible for a Pell Grant.

Contact admissions and visit potential college choices 

• Apply to admissions

• Make sure your financial aid requirements have been met

• Complete housing applications and pay required deposits

• Complete scholarship applications

• If you have a disability, make sure your diagnostic testing is current and arrange for disability accommodations

• Read everything your school of choice sends you!

Want a calendar to help you keep track of what to do when you are a high school Junior and Senior? Check out College Board ( It offers the timeline for activities plus how to pick a school and what to look for during campus visits. NCMC’s Upward Bound program also offers a time line that includes freshman and sophomore activities.

Preparing for College Calendar & Checklist for:


( College Recruiter ( Also has a college search feature and addresses preparing to pay for college. The following articles are recommended:

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