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Selecting a Transfer School 

Many things may impact the choice of a transfer school. Location and affordability are common considerations. Excellence in a particular area of instruction or major can also draw a person to a particular institution. Sometimes we choose a school because we know someone else that is attending there. It is important to keep in mind that you need to make the choice that is best for you based on all these factors.

Check college catalogs and their web sites for information about the school and majors. Of course it is imperative that you visit a prospective school. Include in your visit the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office (to see about affordability, scholarships, etc.), and look at potential housing options. Also, meet with someone in the academic department you are interested in and take notes of the meeting. You may want to ask about job placement rates and starting salaries of the school’s graduates. Get a feel for the community in which the school is located as well. The school’s size is something to consider. Would you rather be a “big fish in a little pond” or a “little fish in a big pond”? If everything about a particular school looks right on paper, but you are not comfortable there, keep looking. Use this form to keep track of the schools you have contacted.

Be sure the institution you choose is regionally accredited. That means the school has met nationally recognized standards in everything from its library to academics to financial status and more. It also means that other schools will recognize that institution as an “academic equal”. Accreditation information should be available in the catalog, brochures or through the Admissions Office of your transfer school.