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Transfer FAQs 

1. Will my credits transfer?
2. How will they be used towards my transfer degree?
3. How do I know what I should be taking at NCMC?

If you are transferring from one regionally accredited school to another your credits will probably all transfer. The really important question is how those credits will transfer. Check the NCMC transfer guides for common transfer schools and majors that will help you carefully choose your courses. If you work with your advisor and follow these, you should be OK. However, transfer schools sometimes make program changes that we don’t know about so be sure you are working with them, too. Check with the department for your major at the school you will be transferring to make sure you are on the right track. It is always the receiving school’s decision about whether a course transfers and how it will be used. Occasionally a transfer school will want more information about a course, such as a syllabus and we will be glad to help you with that.  Contact the Dean of Instruction Office.

4. My transfer school has a different list of General Education requirements – will I have to retake all those classes?

Your Associate of Arts Degree (AA) will go to any Missouri state school and some private schools meeting their lower level General Education requirements (even if their General Education requirements are different). That said - if your major requires a specific course that you did not take as part of your AA you will need to meet the department’s requirement and take that course. Example: If the business department requires Microeconomics, but you did not take it as part of your AA you will still have to take Microeconomics

5. What if I don’t finish an Associate of Arts Degree (AA)?

You definitely need to be very careful in choosing your courses. If you finish the 42 credit hour General Education core, you can transfer this core to the Missouri state schools (except The University of Missouri – Columbia) as a package having met your lower level General Education courses. Contact the NCMC Registrar’s Office for details.

6. When should I apply to a transfer school?

Generally, you should apply before you begin your final semester at NCMC. Be sure you check with your transfer school for their admissions and financial aid deadlines.

7. How do I know who I should be talking to at my transfer school?

Start with Admissions – they can often answer many basic questions and can get you started applying and getting accepted there. If they can’t answer your question, they should be able to direct you to the person who can. Ask if there is someone in Admissions who specializes in working with transfer students. You also need to be visiting with an advisor in your academic major. You will probably want to talk to the Financial Aid Office and possibly the Housing Office, too. Use this form to keep track of the schools you have contacted.

8. How do I know if a school has my major or what schools have my major?

If you have a particular school in mind, check the catalog, do a search of their Website or check with the Admissions Office. You can also do a general Internet search for a major, check publications available from libraries, counseling departments or career centers or try The Missouri Department of Higher Education keeps a searchable inventory of programs in Missouri as well.

9. How can I tell if it is a “good” school for my major?

This is a tough question. You might check national publications (such as US News and World Report), college guides, national or international organizations related to your major, ask if the program is accredited by a professional association in that field. Don’t forget to talk to current students in that major when you visit.

10. What do they mean when they say send an “official transcript”?

An “official transcript” is a written record of your courses and grades that goes directly from one school to another. Once a transcript is in a student’s hands it automatically becomes an unofficial transcript and you will probably be required to send another “official transcript”.

11. When should I send a transcript?

Send one when you send your application and one at completion of your NCMC coursework with your final grades on it. Any degree you earn from NCMC will be indicated on your transcript. You must request your transcript in writing. Don’t wait until the last minute to request a transcript. Be sure you allow sufficient time for processing and delivery of your transcript.

12. If I am transferring to a university, why do they keep talking about the college (or school) my major will be in?

This can be confusing. Large universities are often divided into smaller parts that are referred to as schools or colleges. Example: The University of Missouri in Columbia has a School of Journalism.

13. How much will it cost at my transfer school?

You should be able to get a good estimate of how much it will cost to attend a school by checking their Website or by asking the Admissions or Financial Aid Offices. Be sure you know what was and was not included in their estimate. Some important things often not included in the estimate may be fees for the library, your student ID, technology costs, parking, books, housing, food, transportation and more. Be sure you consider all of your expenses when calculating how much it will cost you to attend a school.

14. Can I afford it?

A lot things go into answering this question. It is important for you to work with the Financial Aid Office at your transfer school and explore grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans. Don’t forget that no matter how a loan is packaged it is still money you will eventually have to pay back, so be cautious about using them. It is also very important to be careful about credit card use and acquiring additional debt because you relied on them too much.

15. How can I find out about:

º Housing?
º Day care?
º Parking?
º Non-traditional student services?
º Disability support services?
º Where things are located on campus?
º Food services on campus?

The Admissions Office should be able to direct you to the office responsible for providing any of these services, check the Website or ask the switchboard operator to connect you to that office.