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Good times with friends. Laughter. A shared bowl of popcorn while you watch old movies. Late-night study sessions. These are just some of the memorable experiences that take place living in our residence halls.

Living on campus is not a requirement, but if you want to enjoy the total college experience, NCMC has two residence halls for your convenience. Ellsworth Hall was built in 1994 and houses 76 men. Selby Hall, completed in 1997, houses 76 women.

Whether staying in Ellsworth or Selby Hall, comfort is yours in any season. Each room is enhanced with its own climate control system that allows the heating and air conditioning to be regulated according to your own personal preference. In addition, each room is fully furnished. You will have your own bed, desk, dresser, and wardrobe. You are encouraged to personalize your room with posters, plants, music or whatever makes you feel at home. A sink and large mirror are provided in each room.  There is also room for students to bring a microwave and/or mini-fridge. The NCMC residence life department also has micro-fridges available to rent on an annual basis.

Some of the most enjoyable times you will have living on campus at NCMC occur by attending the various residence life activities that are set up by the housing staff.  These activities, which are coordinated on a weekly basis, are chosen by the Housing Staff to fill student’s educational and recreational interests and needs.  By supplying a wide variety of programs, the intention is to foster a strong sense of community, leadership skills, social skills, academic growth and cultural understanding.   The best part is that these activities are free to students living on campus and include programs that meet residence hall students’ interests and are an enjoyable experience.

By living in one of NCMC's residence halls, you can gain the independence that is a large part of college, but you still won't have to do your own cooking! Great Western Campus Dining will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With different meals prepared on a daily basis, students are able to choose from a variety of different options. Not only will you have a lot of fun with friends, but the food is great too.

Each room has its own share of personal space with a sink, mirror and study carrel. Students also have the option of bringing a television, phone, and electronics.  Each room is standard with a cable TV jack, internet jack and the entire NCMC campus allows students access to the internet from a wireless laptop computer. Each hall itself includes handicapped accessible rooms, a laundry area, TV lobby, computer lab, mailboxes and easy access to parking.

There are many advantages of living on campus, including academic access. Research shows that students who live on-campus are more likely to achieve a higher grade point average and complete their degree program than students who do not. Living on-campus opens up a whole new world of opportunities for fun and leadership development. There are dozens of clubs and organizations to get involved with, plus exciting NCMC and the Arts programs, and intercollegiate sports.

NCMC housing facilities are supervised by residence hall coordinators and resident assistants. Resident assistants are students who live on the residence hall floors to serve as a primary resource for building community and helping students connect with each other and NCMC.  RA’s build a positive community on their floors and within the hall, assist residents with both personal and academic concerns, uphold college policy, serve as a resource and/or liaison for the college and work hand in hand with their hall coordinators.

When you compare the cost of NCMC housing to that of other colleges, then add in the benefit of our low tuition, you'll discover a way to achieve big savings on your college education.

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and early confirmation of arrangements is encouraged. A housing application form accompanied by the required deposit should be submitted to the Office of Residential Life.

Students living on campus are required to abide by college rules, which include no alcohol or drug use on campus. See the Residential Life Contract Terms and Conditions for a complete list of guidelines.

Housing Contracts are one year agreements (spring and fall semesters).  Special requests pertaining to contract length must be approved by the Dean of Student Services.

Cancellation of a contract must be done in writing.  There are four cancellation options available. (1) A signed and dated letter mailed to the Director of Residence Life.  (2) A signed and dated letter hand delivered to the Director of Residence Life. (3) A signed and dated letter faxed to the Director of Residence Life.  (4) A written cancelation submitted to the Director of Residence Life through the student’s pirate email account.  For more details along with terms and conditions, please see section v of our housing contract.

For current rates, an application form or more information on housing, contact Student Services at 1-660-359-3948, ext. 1201.