New Resident – FAQ’s

When will I find out who my roommate is?

The residence life department will send a letter stating the name and phone number of your roommate and your room number towards the end of July. Your mailing address and box will also be included.

What size of bed sheets will I need?

Many of our residents tell us that standard twins fit their mattresses; however, we recommend super single sized sheets if you plan to use a topper. The mattresses are 80” X 38”.

Can I bring my Pet?

Students may have non-poisonous fish only. Aquariums are to be 5 gallons or smaller. No amphibious animals, reptiles, turtles etc.

Can I bring my Mini Fridge?

APPROVED APPLIANCES: Students may have the following within their room: popcorn poppers, coffeepots with auto shutoff feature, a mini/small refrigerator less than 4.6 cubic feet, mini microwaves less than 1.6 cubic feet and maximum 1200 watts, or microwave-refrigerator combination. All appliances must be UL-approved. (one refrigerator per student only)

How about my Candle Warmer?

PROHIBITED ITEMS: candles, incense, fragrance warmers (ex. pads, pots and plug-ins), halogen lamps, octopus lamps, kerosene lamps, dartboards, hot plates, open‐coil heaters and cooking elements, drug paraphernalia, non‐NCMC installed A/C units, ceiling fans, any item described in the weapons section of the NCMC Handbook.

I would like to decorate my room for the holidays. How can I decorate safely?

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS: Fire and safety rules stipulate that these must not hang from or touch any light fixtures or fire safety equipment. Only three strands of lights can be linked together per electrical outlet, and live holiday trees are not permitted. Decorations should not block doorways or windows. Any organic materials used for holiday decorations (ex. pumpkins / jack‐o‐lanterns) must be disposed of in a timely manner to avoid damage due to decay.

May I loft my Bed?

In all residence halls, a bed is provided. It is recommended that you use only the bed/mattress provided by NCMC. If you choose to provide your own lofted bed, NCMC assumes no liability and you are fully responsible for any injury or damages that may occur. You must complete a Bed Lofting From and have it approved by your Resident Hall Coordinator.
A loft bed is any temporary structure or device that is intended to elevate a single sleeping surface from floor level so that it creates additional floor space in a room.

  • If you choose to provide your own lofted bed, the structure must follow these minimum standards: Be no more than 40” wide, 88” long and 86” tall.
  • It must be able to accommodate our mattress which is 80” x 36”;
  • Be no more than 70 inches from the floor to the top of the sleeping surface;
  • Be freestanding; Not be attached to any wall, ceiling, or furniture;
  • Have a ladder made of metal or wood construction (other furniture may not be used as a step stool);
  • Be constructed of metal or wood. Fabric cannot be suspended from or around the loft;
  • Not restrict exit from any portion of the room or be a safety hazard to persons walking around the room;
  • Allow the door to open perpendicular to the door opening, and at least 22 inches must be allowed for exiting from any interior room arrangement.
  • A guardrail is recommended but not required.
  • All furniture issued by NCMC but not in use must remain and be stored in the room at all times.
  • The Residence Life staff reserve the right to deem a loft bed unsafe or in violation of fire code. Failure to remove or modify the loft may result in an immediate $50 fine and an additional charge of $50 per day for each day until compliance is met.
  • At the time of checkout, all material and furniture not issued by NCMC must be removed and all NCMC furniture including beds and mattresses must be properly reassembled before residents check out. If the resident fails to reassemble the room, they will be assessed an improper checkout fine.

Bed Lofting Policy Waiver Form

Can a guest stay overnight?

Family members or friends of the same sex are allowed overnight stays under the following conditions:

  • Only Friday and Saturday night stays are permitted
  • Guest must be of the same sex
  • Resident allowed only one guest per night
  • Resident must complete a Guest Request Form (including roommate signature, if applicable)
  • Request Forms are due by 5:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the weekend of choice
  • Request Forms are to be approved by the Residence Hall Coordinator

The Residence Hall Coordinator may deny overnight guest requests at his or her discretion. Denial may be based upon but not limited to:

  • The number of pre-approved guests for the particular night
  • The number of guests the resident has requested recent weeks
  • Previous disciplinary issues occurring with the resident or his/her guests

*Overnight guests are subject to hall policies and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Guest can be dismissed at any time if these policies are violated.

Guest Policy Request Form