Teledoc Services

Have a cough or cold?
Pink eye?
Sinus problems?
Need to speak with a doctor at midnight or during the weekend?
Need a simple refill for a recurring prescription?

In November 2016, information was provided to the entire student population related to a service called Teledoc. Teledoc provides access to US board-certified physicians 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Consultation is provided, via phone, when it’s convenient for students. After reviewing the information and soliciting student input, NCMC Student Senate approved a flat fee for students to obtain the service.

Through this fee, students can access doctors that can assist them wherever they are, whenever they need them. In addition, all dependents can access Teledoc Services, which include spouses and children. Below is a table that includes the fee and the coverage dates.


Semester Fee Coverage Dates
Fall $25 9/1-1/31
Summer $10 7/1-8/31


Please note this service does not replace local doctors or current health insurance.

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