NCMC Articulated Credit

Articulated Credit

NCMC Agriculture & Natural Resources Course AG 105 – Plant Science
High School – Junior & Senior Level Agriculture & Natural Resources Course(s)
course 1
semester  2 semesters 
(if needed) course 2
semester  2 semesters 
High School Evaluation
1 – Highly Comprehensive
2 – Moderately Comprehensive
3 – Introductory Coverage

Competency Overview

Competency High School Hours Spent Degree of High School Comprehension
Plant Morphology
classify plants on an operational basis, including agronomic use, adaptation, growth form, stem type & growth cycle
list and give examples of important crop plant families
describe how plants are identified using morphological features of the leaf, stem, flower and seed in dicots & monocots
describe the structure and function of the leaf, stem, root and flower
Fundamental Plant Growth Processes
describe the steps involved in the conversion of light energy to chemical energy by photosynthesis
discuss the role of photosynthesis in crop yield or productivity
discuss plant respiration for maintaining the plant and supporting its functioning
discuss the process of transpiration
discuss the process of absorption
discuss the process of translocation
Seeds, Seedlings and Seeding
list and describe the various tests involved in seed analysis or testing
discuss the factors affecting seed germination
describe the methods of seeding field crops
discuss the factors affecting seeding rate and how it is calculated
Plant Growth and Development
distinguish between growth and development
describe the general pattern of growth
define yield and yield components
discuss photoperiod and its effect on plant growth
discuss the concept and application of growing degree days
Crop Improvement
discuss basic Mendalian concepts
discuss the principles of plant breeding
discuss the strategies for increased crop productivity
discuss the role of biotechnology in crop improvement
Climate and Weather
define the terms climate and weather
discuss the role of climate in crop adaptation
discuss the major climatic types and their distribution
discuss the role of temperature in biochmical reations such as photosynthesis and its role in crop adaptation
discuss the effect of light intensity, quality and duration on plant growth and development
Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers
discuss the role of essential nutrients in plant growth and development
discuss how nutrients are lost from the soil
describe plant nutrient deficiency symptoms for all essential elements
Pests in Crop Production
list and describe the categories of organisms that cause disease
discuss the factors that cause disease
describe how pathogens affect crop productivity
describe insect pests, their classification, and their economic impact
describe weeds, their classification and their economic impact    
list and describe the methods of pest management    
updated Aug 2014