Upward Bound February-March 2018 Newsletter

North Central Missouri College

What’s up at UB Headquarter

Since Open House, UB staff has begun phasing into Summer 2018 planning. Students will receive their summer paperwork on February 3rd during Extreme Saturday. It is VERY important for students to complete and return their summer paperwork promptly: the deadline to return summer paperwork is at March Extreme Saturday, March 3rd.

Many details for the planning of the summer component cannot be completed until the summer paperwork is returned to UB staff. This year’s summer residential component will run from May 28th through June 29th. The out-of-state trip will be July 9th through July 13th.

First year students are required to attend the residential portion of the summer component. Returning students who will not be attending the residential portion must still complete an online summer component.

***More details regarding the summer component will be available at a later time.

Senior Reminder

  • If you plan on attending NCMC in the fall, the 2018-2018 Scholarship Application is now available. You may access it on the NCMC Financial Aid page. The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 15th.

    2017-2018 Scholarship Application

  • Take the ACT if you did not take it your junior year. Have results sent to NCMC!
  • Complete at least three scholarship applications by March 1.
  • Give UB a copy of your acceptance letter from the college you choose to attend by March 1.
  • Maintain A+ eligibility with your high school.
  • Apply to NCMC for the Summer Component, send High School and any dual credit transcripts to NCMC.
  • Bridge Component begins on Monday, June 4th; this is when NCMC summer courses begin.

ACT Test Date

April 14

Registration Deadline

March 9

Senior Trip

Branson, MO
March 16-18
Make sure March 1 deadlines are met to be eligible to go.

Stay Connected

In order the stay connected and up-to-date with Upward Bound, you can:

  • Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Receive text alerts through Remind. Contact UB staff to sign up today!
  • Check Email & Blackboard

Remember: If school is dismissed early or can-celled, A2 for that day will not be held. Any event cancellations will be broad-cast via KMZU, KGOZ, Blackboard, Facebook & Twitter.

Projected School visits

Date Location Time
Feb. 5 Galt 11:00am
Feb. 5 Gallatin 3:00pm
Feb. 6 Jamesport 10:45am
Feb. 6 Hamilton 11:20am
Feb. 7 Chillicothe 10:25am
Feb. 8 Trenton 2:40pm

What Should I Be Doing?


The FAFSA for the 2018-2019 school year can be completed using 2016 income taxes. If you plan on taking summer college courses, you will need to also complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA using 2015 income taxes. Missouri priority deadline is February 1st.


Prepare to take the ACT in April. It is also time for Juniors to begin looking into scholarships for college. Be sure to look at deadlines as some scholarships are due the summer between 11th and 12th grade.


Be thinking about the ACT as well as which colleges interest you. Upward Bound has ACT prep resources that can be checked out in order to prepare you for this test.


Be familiarizing yourself with Blackboard. Many announcements, forms, and other resources can be accessed through this site. Log-in information was received at Open House in January. Also, you need to take the online hand-book test and pass with at least an 80%.

All Students

You must make weekly contacts if you miss A2. Weekly contacts can be made in-person, by phone or through Blackboard. NO email! Summer registrations forms will be handed out to students at February Extreme Saturday. Extra forms can be found on the UB webpage and Blackboard. All forms are due no later than March 3rd!

Calendar of Events


A2 Feb. 5-28
3rd: TRiO Day & Extreme Saturday (9-12:30)
10th: ACT Test Date
19th: NCMC Closed (No A2)
28th: Self-tutoring Paperwork Due


A2 Mar. 5-28
3rd: Extreme Saturday (9-12:30)
3rd: Summer Paperwork Due
16th-18th: Senior Trip to Branson
22nd: Missouri Western College Visit (sign-up required*)
23rd: NCMC Closed
28th: Self-tutoring Paperwork Due
30th: NCMC Closed

Self-Tutoring Q&A

Does this qualify for self-tutoring?

Question Answer
I go to school at Gallatin and have volley-ball practice on Monday and Wednesday night? NO. Your practice does not take place during your school’s allotted A2 time, which is on Tuesday.
I go to school in Hamilton and have choir practice from 3-3:30 the same night as A2? NO. Choir practice is only 30 minutes long, and A2 meets for 2 hours. You will have time to get your required hours in for A2.
I have to be at work every night by 4 pm? NO. Work is not a school-related activity and does qualify you for self-tutoring.
I have basketball practice immediately after school the same night as A2? YES. School-related activities are excused.

Self-Tutoring Paperwork Tips

  • Start a new log for each A2 month! For example, do NOT put February tutoring time on your January log.
  • Log and contracts must have all required signatures!
  • Recorded dates must fall within the A2 dates for that month! A2 dates can be found on the back of each log. Recording an incorrect date could result in NOT meeting your required A2 time.
  • Logs are due the last Wednesday of A2 time span by 4:00 pm! Late logs will NOT be accepted.
  • Tutoring at school during your lunch hour or study hall does NOT count towards A2 time!

Upward Bound Staff Directory

Name Position Phone Number Email
Janet Pultz TRiO Director (660) 357-6348 jpultz@mail.ncmissouri.edu
Sarah Reeter TRiO Admin. Assistant (660) 357-6332 sreeter@mail.ncmissouri.edu
Carmen Austin UB Program Coordinator (660) 357-6353 caustin@mail.ncmissouri.edu
Heather McCollum UB Academic Advisor (660) 357-6338 hmccollum@mail.ncmissouri.edu
John Wilbur TRiO Academic Advisor (660) 357-6356 jwilbur@mail.ncmissouri.edu

2018 Seniors

Sarah Dryer

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: Fixer, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Favorite Class: Gold Rush
Favorite HS Memory: In my junior year, we went to a school in KC to sing with Gold Rush. It was a very relaxed day, and we got to sing in a really cool auditorium with great acoustics.
Favorite UB Memory: During summer 2017 in Chicago, I stepped out on the Sky Deck without fear.
College & Intended Major: NCMC & Missouri Western State University – Pre-Medicine
If I could go anywhere it would be… Bora Bora because someday I would like to go somewhere exotic to have this type of cultural experience and see some amazing sights.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… buy my dream house and car. Then if there was any money left, I would donate it to charity.

Theresa France

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: The Host
Favorite Class: English & Art
Favorite HS Memory: Performing in the school play all four years
Favorite UB Memory: Going to the Mark Twain Cave
College & Intended Major: BYU-Idaho – English-Creative Writing
If I could go anywhere it would be… France – for obvious reasons.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… pay for school and buy a car, then save whatever is leftover.

Taylor Harper

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: Unwind
Favorite Class: English
Favorite HS Memory: Making it to state my freshman year at District Music Contest for Choir.
Favorite UB Memory: Playing Romans vs. Christians and Poison
College & Intended Major: BYU-Idaho – Registered Nurse
If I could go anywhere it would be… Canada because it is beautiful there, and I love their accents.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… give to charity, then I would buy a hover board and nice house.

Natasha Jackson

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby & To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Class: Spanish & English
Favorite HS Memory: Going to band/color guard competitions where so many great memories and inside jokes were made.
Favorite UB Memory: Trying to get chocolate out of Gabby’s pants while at the Chicago Planetarium.
College & Intended Major: NCMC, then Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles to studying fashion and business.
If I could go anywhere it would be… all the major fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, New York City and Los Angeles.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… donate to charities, shop at Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, pay for college, and go to a One Direction concert and get backstage passes!

Rose Johnson

UB Participate Since: Sophomore Year
Favorite Book: Mortal Instruments
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite UB Memory: Going to Chicago in summer 2017.
College & Intended Major: UMKC – Psychology
If I could go anywhere it would be… Europe because of the culture and beautiful sights.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… share with my siblings for their future and save the rest.

Alyssa Kosse

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: Any book by James Patterson
Favorite Class: Band
Favorite HS Memory: When the entire band got to march in Houston and every-one cheered so loud as we played.
Favorite UB Memory: Climbing in Colorado with Gage and Kyle as well as Tall Ship Windy in Chicago because the crew members made it fun.
College & Intended Major: NCMC & Williams Woods – Equine Sciences
If I could go anywhere it would be… Australia for the animals and food.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… first buy a house, then put the rest in a savings account to earn interest.

Kaitlyn Lewis

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: Eleanor & Park
Favorite Class: Choir
Favorite HS Memory: Float building days
Favorite UB Memory: The Academic Bowl
College & Intended Major: NCMC & Northwest – Journalism
If I could go anywhere it would be… Antarctica because everyone would be as pale, if not paler, than me.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… pay for college, then put the rest into a savings account and leave it alone.

Cheyenne Martin

UB Participate Since: Sophomore Year
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Class: History
Favorite HS Memory: When I first moved here Mrs. Michaels was teaching about cells. The other students were presenting their cell cookies and afterwards they shared their cookies with me.
Favorite UB Memory: During my first summer, Kevin and I were riding a ride at Adventure land and the handle did not lock, so he put his arms around me so I would not fly away.
College & Intended Major: NCMC & Hannibal-Lagrange – Education & Psychology
If I could go anywhere it would be… Heaven.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… to help others.

Vanessa Olivo

UB Participate Since: Sophomore Year
Favorite Book: The Half Life of Molly Pierce
Favorite Class: American History
Favorite HS Memory: When we went to Rolla, MO for volleyball camp. After playing against many other teams, we went to the fugitive beach.
Favorite UB Memory: Being roommates with Sarah during the summer component.
College & Intended Major: NCMC – Nursing
If I could go anywhere it would be… to the Philippines to see their light blue sea and go on adventures.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… pay for college, then use extra money to buy a car.

Megan Redman

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorites Book: Unwind
Favorite Class: Accounting
Favorite HS Memory: None of it…
Favorite UB Memory: The Academic Bowl Dance “Break your legs”
College & Intended Major: Missouri Valley – Business/Accounting
If I could go anywhere it would be… Australia to visit the Irwin Zoo.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… pay off college debt.

Gabby Stout

UB Participate Since: Sophomore Year
Favorite Book: The Hollow Kingdom
Favorite Class: Anatomy
Favorite HS Memory: Falling on my face in Chem. II
Favorite UB Memory: At the Planetarium in Chicago…
College & Intended Major: Truman State University – Accounting, Criminal Justice
If I could go anywhere it would be… to my best friend Blythe’s house because she makes me pie!
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… give it to charity.

Amy Torrey

UB Participate Since: Sophomore Year
Favorite Book: Boy Nobody
Favorite Class: Chemistry 2
Favorite HS Memory: When I pranked the Chemistry class and made them think I drank acid.
Favorite UB Memory: Going to the KC breakout
College & Intended Major: Northwest – Elementary Education
If I could go anywhere it would be… Canada because it’s beautiful, and I like the cold.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… pay off my parents’ debt.

Mackenzie Widner

UB Participate Since: Freshman Year
Favorite Book: Jack Reacher: One Shot
Favorite Class: Health
Favorite HS Memory: Going to Color Guard Competitions
Favorite UB Memory: Going on out-of-state trips and hanging out with Heather.
College & Intended Major: Missouri State – Nursing
If I could go anywhere it would be… graduate college so I can begin working at my dream job.
If I won $100,000, I would use the money to… buy a new car and go on a vacation with my family.

Congratulations Seniors!

We wish you all the best of luck

~UB Staff

Kudos To…

  • Destiny Owings for being accepted into honor choir and NMIB honor band!
  • Alyssa Kosse for performing with Four State Honor Band at Northwest and making All Conference Honor Band!
  • Destiny and Alyssa for actually sending in a kudos!
  • Camryn Willey for being chosen as Student of the Quarter for the THS Sophomore class!
  • All the new UB members on passing the trial period!

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TRiO is a group of eight programs federally funded through the Department of Education. TRiO programs were the first national college access and retention programs in the U.S. Their outreach and student service programs not only address financial barriers but also social and cultural barriers associated with education in America.

Upward Bound, the original TRiO program founded in 1964, was established at North Central Missouri College (NCMC) in 1997. For more than 20 years, we have be providing services to high school students from Trenton, Chillicothe, Hamilton, Gallatin, Jamesport and Galt.

Some of the services we provide are:

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  • College Visits
  • Fun Summer Component
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Join the Celebration February 21st-23rd

To celebrate TRiO Days at NCMC, Upward Bound and Student Support Services are teaming up on a hallway display and service project.

Hallway Display: Timeline highlighting the Past, Present and Future of TRiO programs. It will feature current UB and SSS participants. If you would like to be part of the display, speak with your UB advisor.

Service Project: Collection of non-perishable foods and/or personal hygiene items for the NCMC Campus Cupboard, which is a campaign started by our own SSS advisor Stacey Russell. Through the Campus Cupboard, we hope to lessen food security issues so students have the opportunity to focus on their educational goals and improve their future.
***Get more information about TRiO programs, visit the U.S. Department of Education.  Visit U.S. Department of Education

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