A Degree in Fire Science: Why It’s Important for You and Your Community

Written by: Captain Derrick Allen, Assistant Emergency Manager, Chillicothe Missouri Fire Department

Firefighters holding an open firehose

Fire and EMS (emergency medical services) are very tough but rewarding career fields to be a part of. It requires you to stay informed and trained on numerous subjects and tactics. Training and education may be the most important part of a firefighter’s job. You will spend much of your career in a classroom learning the latest updates on ways to improve your department’s ability to better serve their community.

The fire service is ever evolving, and you must stay informed. Without education, you and your department will be stuck in the past and following outdated information. In the Fire/EMS field, continuing education and training is a must! A Fire Science degree is a great way to further your career, especially if you are looking to have a role in management at some point.

In this career field you can never have enough training and education when it comes to saving lives and property. Every community needs a well-trained Fire and EMS department. Tax paying citizens deserve a swift response combined with the best care from well-equipped and well-trained personnel. In fact, that’s what they expect. Rural communities across the state need competent fire department members whether it’s for a career department or a volunteer department. The better trained and educated you are, the better your department will be.

The fire science program is not just for seasoned career firefighters; it’s for anyone interested in starting a career in this field. According to statistics, fire service job opportunities are expected to grow 5% over the next decade. So, this career field would be a great choice to invest into your future. Choosing a career of service to others can be a difficult one, but in my opinion, it is probably the most rewarding thing a person can do.

There is no shortcut to success; people do not become successful by accident. You must get an education to move forward in any career field, so if becoming a firefighter is what you are looking to do, consider the Associate in Applied Science degree in Fire Science at NCMC.

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