Checklist to Begin Using A+

To guarantee A+ by the first day of class, students must complete the following by the priority deadline:

  1. You must be degree-seeking to receive A+ benefits. Submit a $20.00 application for admission to NCMC.
  2. Ask your high school to send an official, final transcript (stamped A+) directly to NCMC.  *Final, official transcript = Sent in a sealed envelope indicating final grades.
  3. If you have taken classes at another college (dual credit or dual enrollment), request that the college send an official transcript to NCMC.
  4. Provide NCMC with a copy of your ACT, SAT or Compass scores.
  5. Complete the FAFSA
  6. Register for an OAR to enroll as a full-time student (12 credit hours in fall/spring, 6 credit hours in summer).  Call 660-359-3948, ext. 1418.

**SUMMER STUDENTS – If you would like to take summer classes immediately following high school graduation, you will need to submit a Summer A+ Form immediately following enrollment to avoid your summer classes from being dropped due to non-payment.