A+ and Federal/State Grants (ex. Pell)

Federal and state money received in grants will be applied toward tuition fees before A+ dollars are applied.  The table below provides examples.

Federal/State Grants cover:

Full tuition

Partial tuition

Not eligible
for Federal/State Grants

  • Tuition
  • General fees
  • Course fees

No A+ benefits will be applied to student account.

  • A+ pays remaining tuition and general fees
  • A+ pays tuition
  • A+ pays general fees

A+ student pays:

  • Books, housing,  and supplies
  • Individual course fees
  • Books, housing, and supplies
  • CBA overage
  • Individual course fees
  • Books, housing, and supplies
  • CBA overage


Institutional fees include:

  • Facilities fees
  • Student development fee


A+ will reimburse the unpaid balance of tuition (maximum of $158.00 per credit hour) and general institutional fees (charged to all students) after all available, non-loan federal financial assistance, such as the federal Pell grant, has been applied to an account. This may result in a zero award if the Pell grant is sufficient to cover all tuition and general fee charges.

Funding for the Student Financial Incentives portion of the A+ Schools program is the sole responsibility of the State of Missouri. The A+ Schools Program may provide these educational incentives subject to state funding approval.