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Reimbursement Guidelines

What A+ Program will pay:

  • Completed coursework for which a grade was assigned and is required for the degree/certificate
  • Remedial coursework for which a grade was assigned and is required for the degree or certificate
  • Coursework that is part of a higher level certificate or degree taken after receipt of a certificate if it is related to the original certificate

What A+ Program will not pay:

  • Repeated classes
  • Withdrawn classes
  • Courses not Required for your degree

Students in their last semester before graduation – If you are in your last semester and eligible to graduate following that semester, you do not need to be a full-time student in order to receive A+ Program dollars.  Please visit the Financial Aid Office if you fall into this category and would prefer to take less than 12 credit hours in your last semester.

Withdrawals – Note that if a student withdraws from a class, the amount of tuition and fees for that class will be placed back on the student’s account and the account must be settled before the student is allowed to continue the next semester.  If a student repeats a class, those credit hours will be deducted from subsequent reimbursement requests.


John’s first semester:

College Algebra 3 A
English I 3 A
Microcomputer Application 3 W (withdrawn)
American History 3 B
Chemistry 3 D
TOTAL PAID BY A+ 15-3=12 credit hours paid

*The amount the A+ Program covered for the Microcomputer class (withdrawn class), will be billed to John’s account. He will need to pay that amount to avoid any delays in enrollment and courses being dropped the following semester.

John’s second semester:

Zoology 3 B
English II 3 A
Speech 3 B
Chemistry 3 C* Repeated
Western Civilization 3 A
Microcomputer Application 3 A
TOTAL PAID BY A+ 18-3=15 credit hours paid

*The A+ Program will not pay for 3 credit hours (and related class fees if applicable) in the next semester because the Speech class (3 credit hours) was a repeated class and needs to be deducted. Microcomputer Application is not considered a repeated class because John withdrew from it.

**John maintained at least a 2.5 in his first semester, so he was able to retain his A+ Program eligibility.