Building Together for Tomorrow


Master Plan, 25 – 30 Year Future
01 Future NCMC Building 09 Future Frey/Alexander
02 Future Student Housing 10 Center for Performing Arts
03 Recreation/Open Space 11 Future Campus Entrance
04 Student Union 12 Future Academic Classrooms
05 Commons 13 Geyer Hall
06 Indoor Tennis Courts
 Hoffman Hall
07 Ketcham Community Center 15 Jewett-Norris Library
08 Residence Halls 16 Maintenance Shops


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The Master Plan sets forth a framework for the future physical development of the campus. The plan is a conceptual land use plan focusing on the efficient use of campus real estate. The Master Plan was conceived through the mission of the college and the future program requirements necessary to fulfill that mission.

Master planning is a dynamic and flexible process, intended to establish direction for future designers of buildings, landscape elements, parking and other campus amenities. Above all, a master plan provides the shared “Vision” for the future growth of the college.

The Master Plan was conceived in cooperation with the City of Trenton. North Central Missouri College acknowledges its place within the community and embraces its partnership with the citizens of Trenton.

The plan focuses on the existing campus real estate and infill properties that will provide the land mass for the future improvements. The Master Plan was envisioned with the least land acquisition required to provide the college with the maximum growth it will need in the future. It is important that the future college fits comfortably within the surrounding community.

The Master Plan was developed in response to the current needs of the college and the issues that arose during the planning process. The plan will improve the physical and aesthetic aspects of the Trenton campus to better serve the needs of the resident and commuter student populations. North Central Missouri College is a major asset to the Trenton community and the plan presents a physical model that reinforces the institution’s excellence.

The Master Plan will protect the college from the loss of resources and opportunities. It will provide direction for the separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic systems. The Master Plan will define the college by the strategic placement of buildings creating valuable exterior spaces.

The Master Plan shows how individual projects will, over time, complete the vision. The plan guides growth, while shaping the exterior spaces that provide the campus “sense of place.” It will create a memorable campus that can recruit the best students and faculty.

The college must steward its Master Plan, keeping the broader vision in view. Only with diligence will the “shared vision” ever materialize.