Statement of Ethics

As representatives of North Central Missouri College, we share the responsibility to conduct ourselves with integrity, to act in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner. We value the potential of individuals, care about their success and recognize the need for openness and reliability in what we say and do. We are committed to addressing issues in a forthright and professional manner and to separating people from issues as we engage people in problem solving without prejudice.

As representatives of North Central Missouri College, we are committed to personal and academic excellence in all that we do and to adhere to the principles of ethical behavior established in this statement. The conduct of each member of North Central Missouri College is expected to be consistent and comply with the principles contained in this statement and with the Board of Trustees Manual. We expect each employee to model the responsibility and integrity within the college community and will never tolerate demeaning or endangering behaviors.

All members of North Central Missouri College are expected to engage in the following:

  • Practice personal and academic integrity;
  • Respect the dignity of all persons;
  • Respect the right and property of others;
  • Discourage bigotry, learn from diverse differences in people, ideas, and opinions;
  • Demonstrate concern for others, their feelings and their need for conditions which support their work and development;
  • Refrain from and discourage behaviors which threaten freedom and respect all NCMC community members deserve;
  • Accommodate students regardless of socioeconomic circumstances