Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan is used to focus the budget, policies, procedures, and daily activities of the College. Over the past ten years, the Plan has helped NCMC with its HLC accreditation, mapped a course for the most ambitious capital improvement plan in the college’s rich history, and embedded a roadmap for future educational programs and workforce development. Increased accountability measures from both federal and state government have driven educational institutions such as NCMC to more directly provide evidence of planning and results, which further emphasizes the necessity of a pertinent and farsighted Plan.

The current three-year Strategic Plan, approved by the NCMC Board of Trustees, is rooted in annual reviews and tri-annual transformations.


North Central Missouri College provides accessible, affordable, and quality educational programs, with emphases on excellence in teaching, learning, student services, diversity and inclusiveness, and workforce development to the rural and small communities of our 16-county service region.


North Central Missouri College aspires to provide exemplary academic programs and services to advance educational attainment and regional economic development.

Guiding Principles

To fulfill the NCMC mission and strive to meet our visionary aspirations, we are committed to the following principles to guide our thoughts and actions:

  • Upholding high academic standards, rigor, and uncompromising integrity that encourages and promotes intellectual growth
  • Supporting faculty and staff in their professional development and progression
  • Modeling and maintaining high-standards of integrity, transparency, and ethics through social and personal responsibility
  • Providing a safe environment that supports diversity and inclusion as part of life and learning
  • Meeting workforce demand by being responsive to changing economic conditions and the needs of business and industry
  • Partnering with regional K-12 schools and career technical schools where opportunities exist and arise
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology in our learning and work environment
  • Active engagement as a community and regional partner
  • Enhancing institutional effectiveness through a campus-wide culture of assessment
  • Serving as good stewards of our financial and human resources
  • Taking pride in the care and condition of safe facilities
  • Valuing co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities as extensions of learning