Criminal Justice (Online)
Two-Year Plan

Program Description

As an AAS student, you will complete approximately 15 credit hours of general education courses and 46-58 credit hours of courses most appropriate to address the intended outcome of the career program. The AAS is designed to prepare a student for employment in a specific occupational area.

Suggested Course Outline

First Year

Fall Even, Spring Odd

CJ218 Criminology 3 CJ118 Procedural Law 3
CJ219 Criminal Evidence 3 CJ235 Criminal Law 3
CJ260 Constitutional Aspects of Crim. Justice 3 CJ239 Police Organization & Management 3
SO107 General Sociology 3 CJ246 Criminal Justice Communications 3
EN101 English I 3 BT110 Business Math (or higher) 3
Total 15 Total 15
Second Year

Fall Odd, Spring Even

CJ126 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CJ125 Criminal Justice Ethics & Liability 3
CJ298 Deviant Behavior 3 CJ140 Criminal Investigations 3
PY121 General Psychology 3 CJ170 Introduction to Juvenile Law 3
HI103 American History to 1877 or CJ250 Criminal Justice Practicum 3
PL216 National Government 3 CJ226 Introduction to Corrections 3
BT160 Microcomputer Applications I 3 Total 15
SP175 Speech Communications 3
Total 18

*Please see your advisor or the NCMC Academic Catalog for specific course choices in each area.

  • Dual credit/Transfer credit – This plan is designed for students with no dual or transfer credit. Consider any prior college credit to avoid repeating coursework. We will need official transcripts for these courses.
  • Developmental Studies – This plan assumes that the student does not need to take Developmental Studies courses. Placement test scores determine whether or not the student will need to complete Developmental Studies courses. You can learn more about Developmental Studies courses in the NCMC Academic Catalog.

What can I do with this Major?

What can I do with this Major?

Job outlook and wage information from What Can I Do With This Major are based on national data.

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