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The NCMC Teacher Education Program offers an appropriate course of study for individuals who desire to be teachers. Majors vary based on individual preference and discipline interest. Our Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree is a two-year transfer degree for pre-service teacher candidates who are preparing to obtain their undergraduate degree in education.

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Why Teach

Individuals pursue the teaching profession for a variety of reasons, but most often is because they want to make a positive difference in students’ lives, embrace an opportunity to give back, and shape the minds of tomorrow’s adults. Teach because the desire to do so is in your heart!


  • The mission of the Teacher Education program at NCMC is to prepare pre-service teacher candidates with the skills necessary to establish a safe, productive learning environment for students where critical-thinking, authentic learning experiences, and a visible passion for the elements defining the life-long learning process will be fostered.
  • Our Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree combines general education course requirements with teacher education coursework and recommended electives to satisfy a 62-credit hour minimum requirement.

What can I do with this Major?

What can I do with this Major?

Job outlook and wage information from What Can I Do With This Major are based on national data.

NCMC Contact Information

Cassie Cordray

Cassie Cordray

Teacher Education Instructor
[email protected]
Phone: (660) 359-3948 ext. 1349

As part of the Teacher Education Program at North Central Missouri College (NCMC), teacher candidates will be part of the work of community agencies, activities, and before and after-school programs that service children. Candidates will also be required to complete field experience observations in public schools. These entities have policies related to who may enter and work in their contexts. NCMC and the NCMC Teacher Education Program respect those policies and our students will be expected to adhere to those policies. It is also the candidate’s responsibility to discuss with any agency, program, or school what they require for entrance onto their site. School districts make final decisions regarding background checks and granting permission to participate in their programs.

Teacher candidates are required to pass/clear, and have on file with the Coordinator of Teacher Education, a current background check before they are allowed to enter any public school to complete field experience. Copies of background checks must be offered to all schools visited. Successful completion of the field experience component is a graduation requirement.

The Teacher Education Department uses AccuSource for background checks. The cost of each background check is $15 and is included in the course fee for ED201 Teaching Profession with Field Experience. ED201 is usually the first course teacher candidates take in their core education sequence.

Please note that in the State of Missouri, all those pursuing teacher certification must submit to a federal and state background check, including the submission of fingerprints. Additional criminal background checks and/or fingerprinting may be required during student teaching.