Considering an Online Class

Considering an Online Course?

Online courses are a convenient and flexible way to bring education right to your home. This allows you to get that education while continuing to work, care for your family or any other activity that makes it difficult to get to campus. Online courses can also save you money by eliminating the cost of driving to campus, eating out and child care.

If you are considering enrolling in an online class at NCMC, please read the following material carefully.

Three questions you need to answer.

  • Is online learning for me? Take the Online Readiness Quiz.
  • Do I have access to the right computer system to take an online class? Check out the System Requirements.
  • Is the course I want offered? See our Course List to find out what we are offering each semester. To learn more about the class, it’s requirements, test-taking and get answers to the questions you have, click the course instructor’s name and e-mail your request.

What’s Next?

If your answers to the questions above show that you are likely to succeed in an online course and you decide you want to take one, you will need to do the following:

Contact the NCMC Admissions Office to be admitted to the college. See Admissions on our website for more information.