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Business Management Certificate

As a Business Management Certificate student you will complete approximately 16 hours of business courses. These courses will help you build a foundation in business. The Business Management foundation will prepare you to begin a career or stack toward an AA or AAS degree.

First Year

BA101 Introduction to Business3
BA110Current Issues in Business 3
BA150Principles of Management 3
BA221Business Law3
BT130Business Communications3
BT240Employment Strategies1

*Please see your advisor or the NCMC Academic Catalog for specific course choices in each area.

  • Dual credit/Transfer credit – This plan is designed for students with no dual or transfer credit. Consider any prior college credit to avoid repeating coursework. We will need official transcripts for these courses.
  • Developmental Studies – This plan assumes that the student does not need to take Developmental Studies courses. Placement test scores determine whether or not the student will need to complete Developmental Studies courses. You can learn more about Developmental Studies courses in the NCMC Academic Catalog.
  • Tracking classes – It is very important to meet with your advisor prior to enrollment every semester. Your advisor will be sure that you are staying on track to graduate, taking appropriate courses that will transfer, meeting transfer requirements, and remain eligible for any financial aid.
  • Financial Aid – Financial Aid can be affected by the number of credit hours you take each semester. Speak with a Financial Aid Representative if you have questions or want to withdraw from a class.
  • Changes – Keep your advisor informed of any degree changes or future educational goals. If you start to struggle, your advisor can assist you in developing a plan to get you back on track!


  • Apply knowledge of organizational roles and systems to improve performance.
  • Apply leadership and teamwork skills to collaborate and accomplish objectives.
  • Explain the importance of professional ethics and legal responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate employability skills to create and accomplish career goals.

Program Contact Information

Sarah Bird

Chair of Career & Technical Education
Hoffman Hall 111
[email protected]
(660) 357-6304

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