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Savannah Class Offerings

Enroll for spring 2023 classes at NCMC – Savannah! For the most current details, check on the MyCompass student portal.

Course #Course TitleDaysBeg. TimeEnd TimeSession
MT122H1College AlgebraWednesday5:30 PM6:50 PMMain
MT122WH1College Algebra with WorkshopWednesday5:30 PM8:25 PMMain
EN101H1English IThursday5:30 PM6:50 PMMain
EN101WH1English I with WorkshopThursday5:30 PM8:25 PMMain
MF201Industrial ElectronicsThursday6:00 PM8:55 PMMain
SP220H2Interpersonal CommunicationsWednesday5:30 PM8:25 PMFirst
BI240H1Human AnatomyThursday9:00 AM12:50 PMFirst
MF122Basic Electricity IMonday Wednesday12:20 PM3:15 PMFirst
HI103H1American History to 1877Wednesday5:30 PM8:25 PMSecond
BI242H2Human PhysiologyThursday9:00 AM12:50 PMSecond
AT175Introduction to DronesMonday Wednesday3:35 PM6:30 PMSecond
AT299Basic Automotive ConceptsTuesday6:00 PM8:00 PMSecond
MF128Motor ControlsMonday Wednesday12:20 PM3:15 PMSecond


Main 1/9/2023 to 5/4/2023
First 1/9/2023 to 3/3/2023
Second 3/6/2023 to 5/4/2023

Program Contact Information

Tobi Crippen

Extended Campus Specialist
[email protected]
1-816-232-1768 ext. 1910

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