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Diagnostic Medical Sonography


The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is offered through State Fair Community College  in Sedalia, MO. Students can complete their general education courses at NCMC that are required in order to apply for State Fair’s program. Once students apply and get accepted into the core program at State Fair and successfully complete the program, State Fair Community College will confer the degree.

What is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

A diagnostic medical sonographer operates special imaging equipment to create images or conduct tests. They typically do the following: prepare patients for procedures by taking a patients’ medical history and answering any questions about the procedure, prepare and maintain equipment, review images or test results to check for quality and adequate coverage of the areas needed for diagnoses, recognize the difference between normal and abnormal images, analyze diagnostic information to provide a summary of findings for physicians, and record findings and keep track of patients’ records. There are different types of diagnostic medical sonographers such as: abdominal sonographers, breast sonographers, musculoskeletal sonographers, pediatric sonographers, and obstetric and gynecologic sonographers.

General Education Course

Must complete pre-requisite courses prior to beginning the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program with a “C” or better and maintain a minimum of 2.75 GPA in the required pre-requisite and general education courses.

First Year

First Semester

EN101*English 13
HI104American History Since 1877 OR
HI103 *American History to 1877 OR
PL216*National Government3
MT122*College Algebra3

Second Semester

AH160Basic Medical Terminology3
PS185*College Physics I3
  • Note: BI238 Anatomy and Physiology – the combined 8 credit hour course, can be taken in place of the separate BI240 Anatomy and BI242 Physiology
  • *Testing Required
  • **Pre-Requisite Required
  • Dual credit/Transfer credit This plan is designed for students with no dual or transfer credit. If you have taken courses at other colleges, you will need to provide official transcripts to NCMC.
  • Developmental Studies This plan assumes that the student does not need to take Developmental Studies courses. Placement test scores determine whether or not the student will need to complete Developmental Studies courses. You can learn more about Developmental Studies courses in the NCMC Academic Catalog.

Program Contact Information

Kristi Cutsinger, MBA

Program Coordinator of Health Sciences
North Central Missouri College
1301 Main Street
Trenton, MO 64683
[email protected]
(660) 357-6284

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