OTA Application Process

Application Process

(Details in Application Packet)

Application Process

  • Apply to North Central Missouri College
  • Submit transcripts
  • Application for Program Admission
  • Observation Forms
  • Recommendation Forms
  • Essay
  • Student Release of Information Form
  • Acknowledgement of Technology Requirements Form
  • Performance Standards for OTA Students

Selection Process

  • Applications are reviewed and each requirement is assigned a point value
  • The top candidates will receive an interview as part of the acceptance process
  • Those candidates will have the opportunity to meet with the Program Director and at least one other faculty member
  • After interviews are complete, those scores will be added to the paper scores
  • Then the OTA Admissions Committee at each campus will discuss the rankings and select the class.
    • Between NCMC and State Fair Community College, 15 students is the max accepted
  • The MHPC OTA Program office will notify the candidates of the decisions by email during the first week of August

Informational Session

For your convenience, an Online OTA Info Session video has been created that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.