Practical Nursing Requirements

The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for acceptance into the North Central Missouri College Practical Nursing Program (Trenton, Maryville & Night/Weekend Programs):

Trenton, Maryville and Bethany programs

  • Accepted as a NCMC student
    • Students can apply online at
    • Official transcripts from previous institutions must be submitted
  • Nursing Application and notarized Waiver Form
    • These must be submitted to the student’s first choice site (see “How to Apply” section in the Pre-Admission Packet)
  • Pre-Entrance Test – ATI TEAS Test taken within the last 2 years
    • Minimum score of 41.3% is required to be considered for acceptance
    • Early acceptance (March) requires minimum score of 58.7%
    • Maximum number of attempts is 3 per calendar year
    • Applicants must wait 30 days between testing dates
      • If a student tests more than one time in a 30 day period, the second test score will be void
    • See the Pre-Admission Packet for testing dates and instructions on how to register for a test
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 from high school or college
    • All university or college coursework attempted will be considered when determining a student’s cumulative grade point average
    • College transcript supersedes high school transcript
  • Admission is contingent upon maintaining a 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Applicant must be in good academic standing with NCMC
  • Complete pre-requisite classes with a “C” or greater (must be completed at least by the semester prior to the nursing program starting):
    • Anatomy & Physiology (BI238) – 8 credit hours with a lab
      • Can be taken as two separate 4 credit hour courses with lab (BI240 and BI242)
    • Math Requirement – 3 credit hours
      • Math for Allied Health (AH106)
      • College Algebra (MT122)
      • Elementary Statistics (MT125)
  • Admission is contingent upon completing a satisfactory background check, negative drug screening and completion of all required immunizations.  Admission to the program does not guarantee licensure.
    • Any applicant who has been convicted of felonies and/or misdemeanors must discuss this matter with the PN Program Director
    • Clinical facilities may restrict attendance based on felony
    • If an applicant’s drug screen is positive, the student must submit written proof of a current prescription for the appropriate medication. Failure to provide documentation will result in the student’s dismissal from the program

High School students that are currently in a Health Occupations class through a VoTech School can apply for early acceptance (applicable for 1 year after high school graduation). Admission would be contingent on completing the PN requirements stated above as well as submitting a letter signed by a school official stating that student is currently taking a Health Occupations Class or has completed a Health Occupations Class by March 15, 2018. A minimum TEAS score of Low Basic (41.3%-48%) is required.

There is no age specification on acceptance into the nursing program; however, some clinical facilities may not allow students under a designated age to complete clinical time in their facilities. Therefore, students under 18 who are unable to meet the clinical requirements of those facilities may be unable to complete the clinical objectives set for each student within the program, hence jeopardizing student completion.

*Meeting the minimum requirements listed does not guarantee acceptance into the program