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Planning to eventually graduate with a bachelor’s degree? Start with a well-rounded transfer degree at NCMC. The Associate in Arts (AA) is designed for students transferring into degree programs that lean more toward humanities and arts, while the Associate in Science (AS) is for students focusing in science, technology, engineering or math. If your desire is to become an educator, the Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) is right for you. Looking for more flexibility to explore a variety of class topics? Choose the Associate in General Studies (AGS).

Complete general education requirements along with degree-specific courses and electives, focusing your plan of study for successful transfer to a 4-year degree program. When pursuing an AA-transfer degree at NCMC, you can also complete many course requirements needed for a 4-year degree program at a fraction of the cost. NCMC has transfer agreements and partnerships with colleges and universities ensuring you’re taking the classes needed to best prepare you for the 4-year degree program of your choice.

Central Methodist University
Columbia College
Missouri Western State University
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Choose from over 30 degree options in nine career and academic areas.