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Nursing Students

Overview of Accessibility Services

Purpose of Accessibility Support Services

  • Provide services and accommodations to students with disabilities
  • Work closely with faculty and staff in an advisory capacity
  • Assist in the development of reasonable accommodations for students
  • Provide equal access for “otherwise qualified” individuals with disabilities

Qualified Individual (Sec 504)

  • Have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activity
  • Meets academic and technical standards requisite to admission or participation in the education program or activity


  • Disability documentation is confidential between the student and Accessibility Support Services except in emergencies
  • Any explicit or implicit inference to a particular student and the disability is inappropriate

Eligibility Verification

  • Depends on the nature of the disability and its impact on learning per the documentation
    • Identification of the nature and extent of the disability
    • Information on the functional limitation as related to the academic environment
    • Recommended reasonable accommodations
  • Verification by another institution or organization does NOT guarantee eligibility at NCMC

Access to Academic Services

  • Reasonable accommodations shall be made for eligible students with disabilities
  • Accommodations are provided to allow equal opportunity for students with disabilities
  • Requests that would alter the academic standards are not granted
  • Each student is given individual consideration

Student Responsibilities

  • Identify themselves to the Accessibility Support Services office
  • Provide appropriate documentation of disability
  • Provide a minimum of four weeks written notice for accommodation requests each semester. Some requests, such as an interpreter or adaptive equipment, may take longer
  • Notify faculty one week in advance of test and make appointments with Testing Services at least 3 working days before test day. Please notify Testing Services that you will be scheduling with accommodations.
  • Take test at the same time the class meets, unless the instructor provides permission
  • Self monitor progress with faculty, request assistance, and meet college standards
  • Inform Accessibility Support Services office staff if there are problems with approved accommodations

Accessibility Support Services Responsibilities

  • Prevent discrimination of qualified students
  • Reduce or eliminate physical, academic, and attitudinal barriers
  • Respect a student’s right to privacy and confidentiality


Jenna Stevens

Accessibility Services Coordinator
[email protected]
(660) 357-6405

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