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Procedure on Service & Assistance Animals

Service animals are generally permitted in all NCMC facilities, programs, and activities. In residence halls, assistance animals are also permitted if they meet the condition for a reasonable accommodation.

It is recommended that any application requesting an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal be submitted at least 30 days prior to move in week. If there is missing or unclear information, this could delay the approval process.

This is an application for a housing accommodation, therefore has to be applied for each academic year before the start of the school year. This policy is not applicable to campus buildings beyond the residence halls. Emotional support animals are not allowed in classrooms or other campus non-residence buildings under housing accommodations and cannot leave the residence hall room unless they are entering or exiting the building. Service animals are allowed to accompany the owner outside of the residence halls and to other buildings on campus.

Contact the Vice President of Student Affairs to file an appeal or grievance, located in the Alexander Student Center or by calling (660) 357-6400.