Meet our Student Ambassadors

2018 Ambassadors

Meet our 2018-2019 student ambassador team!

Jamee Scearce
Stewartsville, MO
Agriculture Business

Organizations on campus/other activities: President of Student Senate and Agriculture Club, State Reporter for Professional Agriculture Students, an Ambassador, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Shooting Sports, Student Support Services, Diversity Community, and Agriculture Future of America.

The ag program is why I chose NCMC. I also wanted to utilize my A+. I came from a small high school and was not ready for a large university. With an ag program, A+, and small class sizes how could I go wrong.

Plans beyond NCMC: I plan to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia to complete my bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business Management.

As an ambassador, I enjoy showing my passion of NCMC to others. I love talking about the history and all the great changes on campus. I like to entertain future students with several fun things we do here on campus. Most importantly, I am delighted to talk to students about college and why they should choose NCMC.

Joeigh Eaton
Mound City, MO
Social Work
I chose NCMC because I wanted to use my A+ scholarship.
I enjoy being a student ambassador because I like showing perspective students around campus and getting to meet new people.

Pharon Pilgram
Willemstad, Curacao
Fashion merchandising/marketing
Student Senate Vice President, FCA, Business Blub, International Blue, and member of the baseball team

I chose NCMC because of its small size and baseball program. Trenton is a city of friendly people!

After NCMC, my goal is to attend a university to continue my studies and play ball. I would like to go to Mizzou, UCM, or California.

Best/favorite part of being an ambassador: I like meeting new people and getting to know campus better.

Mariah Fox
Trenton, MO
Nursing Sciences

Organizations on campus/other activities:
– Ag Club Secretary
– Student Practical Nurses Association
– Student Senate
– Student Ambassadors and club president

I chose NCMC because I wanted to use my A+ and receive an affordable education! I love that I go to a college where teachers know me be my name and I can get ahold of them anytime! This is refreshing to me and makes me realize that NCMC is the place for me!

My plans for after NCMC is to begin working in a hospital or facility using my degree from NCMC. I plan to continue my education and receive my Bachelor’s of Nursing from a University in Missouri.

My favorite part of being an ambassador is getting to meet so many different students from all over! I am a talker and while I give tours I have a chance to talk to students from all over and get to know them personally! They all have goals and plans for their future and it is so refreshing to hear their plans for the future while attending North Central Missouri College!

Brooke Leeper
Princeton, MO
Elementary Education

I chose NCMC because they make it easy and affordable to attend. It’s also a smaller school and that allows me to have a better connection with my teachers!

Once I graduate from NCMC, I plan to move to Ohio to attend a university and earn my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I want to teach 2nd or 3rd grade.

The best part of becoming an ambassador is making friends and connections on campus! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and that is how I want visiting students to experience NCMC. I try to help them see it’s a great place to make friends and not to be afraid to get involved.

Taylor McQueen
Stanberry, MO
Dental Hygiene
Vice President of Pre-Med club, Softball, Ambassador

I choose NCMC because I wanted to further my softball career and when I came on a visit it felt like home here. NCMC also had my degree where I could transfer to a dental school and I wouldn’t have to worry about my credits not transferring.

I plan on going to Northwest after this year at NCMC and just enjoy college for a year and then go to Hillyard to complete my dental school there.

I love showing other students the campus and telling them why I choose NCMC because I know how hard it is to choose a school so if I can help other students choose a school it makes me feel better.

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