Adult Education Services


Trenton Adult Education helps open the door to great new opportunities! New jobs, attending college/technical school, improving college performance, or improving on-the-job performance. Classes provide training for adults at least 17 years of age (not currently enrolled in high school) to enhance skills and education leading to improved career opportunities and jobs. Classes are provided each week at NCMC in Trenton. Our classes teach high school level math, reading, and writing, and are perfect for a variety of student needs.

Student Audience

Skills Brush-up

  • Improve College/Job Performance
  • Enter College/Technical Program

High School Equivalency

  • Prepare for HiSET


  • Reading / Writing / Math Classes
  • Individualized Career Planning
  • HiSET Scheduling

Student Benefits

  • Improved college performance
  • Enter college program
  • Get better job
  • Better job performance

Book, computer etc.

Class Schedule

  • 6 hours/week required attendance for 40 hours minimum
  • Tuesday – Thursday evenings at NCMC
  • Tuition-Free

To get started

  1. Advance registration required to attend one of the following Orientation & Enrollment sessions by texting (515) 808-2620, or emailing [email protected]. Location is NCMC campus.
    • January 7-9 & 14, 2020 6-8:00 pm
    • March 3-5 & 10, 2020, 6-8:00 pm
  2. Entrance testing to be scheduled in applicable subjects: math, reading, writing
  3. Class start date scheduled

Orientation Agreement for Adult Education Preparation Classes

  1. You must be a Missouri resident, at least 17 years old, and not enrolled in school.
  2. You must attend all parts of orientation.  If you cannot, you will need to wait until the next scheduled orientation.
  3. You must be in attendance at least 6 hours per week.  Classes are held Tuesday – Thursday from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Please arrange your schedule to allow you to attend 6 hours per week.  An absence is any week that your attendance is less than 6 hours.  You will be dropped from the Adult Education program after three absences in a 90 day period.  If dropped from the Adult Education program, you must wait at least 30 days and attend Orientation before re-enrolling.
  4. The minimum attendance class commitment is for 40 hours.  Please arrange child care, transportation, and your work schedule to allow you to attend 6 hours per week for a minimum of 40 hours.  You may need several 40 hour sessions to prepare for the HiSET, or to meet your educational goals.
  5. Classes are provided free of charge.  Please help us continue to offer them for free by adhering to the attendance policy.
  6. We realize emergencies happen.  However, absences will slow your progress toward your goal.  It is your responsibility to contact us to let us know that you will be absent.  Multiple absences may result in your dismissal from the program.
  7. If you cannot attend class consistently, consider studying online through the Missouri Learns Program.  Their website is
  8. Cell phone policy:  It is our policy to not allow cell phone usage during class.  Please turn all cell phones to silent.  Listening to music with headphones is perfectly acceptable.
  9. When you are ready for High School Equivalency test we will help you sign up.  The cost will be $98.00 for the full battery.  More information can be found at

Contact Information

 Email: [email protected]
 Text: (515) 808-2620