Academic Recovery

Coming Academic Year 2019

Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

The Academic Recovery Program is an opportunity for you to strengthen your academic skills while evaluating your education, career direction and personal goals. In the ARP, students will continue their education while attending regular meetings with an Academic Advisor and Academic Coach, and building skills to give you the greatest chance at success. The NCMC community is here to support you every step of the way!

Program Eligibility

The ARP is for students finding themselves on academic probation or academic suspension. NCMC students who find themselves on Continued Probation will be required to complete the ARP program.  Students from other institutions can use NCMC’s ARP as a great opportunity to continue their education at NCMC while gaining the skills they need to improve their academic standing before graduating or transferring to pursue a high degree. 

Program Benefits

  • Ability to continue education courses
  • Strengthen academic skills
  • Explore educational and career pathways
  • Receive support and guidance from advisors and coaches
  • Opportunity to improve GPA

Program Overview

Semester 1

  • Strategies for Academic Success course
  • Meet with Academic Advisor regularly
  • Meet with Academic Coach once then as needed
  • Meet with Financial Aid once then as needed

Semester 2

  • Meet with Academic Advisor regularly
  • Meet with Academic Coach as needed
  • Meet with Financial Aid as needed

Financial Assistance

Federal regulations require that students make satisfactory academic progress (or SAP) throughout their enrollment while receiving aid. If a student fails to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or complete 67 percent of their coursework, the student is at risk of losing financial aid eligibility.

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Coming Academic Year 2019


ARC – Academic Resource Center provides many resources and tutors to promote academic success.
Financial Aid – From scholarships to grants to loans, all you need to know for covering the cost of education.
Accessibility Services – Provides coordination of support services and accommodations for all qualified students with disabilities.
Career Services – Offers a wide range of services and resources to assist students in preparing for their career and life after NCMC.
GPA Calculator – Calculate your projected GPA.
SAP Calculator – Satisfactory Academic Progress is an eligibility requirement for financial aid eligibility.
Financial Aid Recovery – How to remain eligible for financial aid.
Academic Standing – Definitions and guidelines of academic standing

Contact Information

Advising Guides

Megan Pester

Director of Advising & Retention
(660) 359-3948 ext. 1405

Marie Moulin

Academic Advisor & Records Assistant
(660) 359-3948 ext. 1404

Melissa Spencer

Academic Advisor/Recruiter
(660) 359-3948 ext. 1407