Student Focus

Academic standing is determined at the end of each semester when final grades are posted.

  • Academic standing classifications include: good academic standing, academic probation, continued probation, and academic suspension.
  • Students are notified of continued probation or suspension status at the end of the term by the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs’ office via their Pirate email.
  • To maintain good standing, a student must achieve a cumulative grade point average corresponding to the total GPA eligible credit hours at NCMC as follows:
Total GPA Credit Hours AttemptedMinimum GPA Requirement
Over 442.00

  • A student falling below these standards will be placed on academic probation for a period of one semester.
  • Academic probation DOES NOT mean a student is suspended.
  • At the end of the probationary period, the student will be subject to academic suspension
  • Students placed on academic suspension will have the right to appeal the suspension.
  • When a student’s NCMC and cumulative grade point averages are at or above 2.0, the student’s good academic standing is reinstated.

Definition of Terms

Good Academic Standing: A student has earned at least the minimum GPA required for the number of GPA eligible attempted credit hours as illustrated in the chart above.

Academic Probation: Academic standing classification for a student who has a GPA below the minimum requirement. This student will be allowed to maintain enrollment in the following semester and is encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss campus resources and how to work on increasing their GPA.

Academic Suspension: Academic standing classification for a student on probation who does not meet the minimum GPA requirement for the semester following probation. Suspension will continue until the student completes the appeal process and it is determined the student can continue enrollment.

Grade Point Average (GPA): Calculation obtained by assigning quality points to the grades earned in courses, totaling the points, and dividing them by the number of hours of credit attempted. Pass/Fail courses do not impact academic standing.

Cumulative GPA: GPA calculated on NCMC coursework including credit taken in high school for college credit.

Term (semester) GPA: GPA calculated on semester work only.

Supersede: Retaking a course to attempt to earn a higher grade in the class. The first grade for the course remains on the transcript but is excluded from the GPA calculations. The grade received in the superseded course is calculated in the NCMC and cumulative GPAs. Students may not supersede a grade earned at NCMC by completing an equivalent course at another institution.