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GPA Estimator

How to Calculate Your Projected GPA

  1. List all courses, the number of hours and choose the letter grade you expect to achieve.
  2. Entering the course name is optional
  3. Do not include developmental courses that do not impact your cumulative GPA. These courses will have DS as the first letters of the course (i.e., DS048, DS015 are developmental.)
  4. Check the Repeat box if the course is repeated.

Other helpful information

  • Transferred credit is not used to calculate the NCMC grade point average
  • Use all post high school grades to figure A+ eligibility
  • Use all college credit to figure Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) GPA
  • Athletic eligibility is calculated using NJCAA guidelines.

GPA Estimator is not compatible with mobile devices.  Access on a desktop or laptop device.

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What are your cumulative credit hours?*

Cumulative credit hours will be listed under 'GPA Crd Cum' listed after your last semester of attendance. If this is your first semester, indicate a 0.

*To obtain your unofficial transcript on myCOMPASS.

What is your cumulative GPA?

Course Name Credit Hours Grade Repeat? Old Grade if Repeated

Please clear the form after each GPA Calculation.



Suggestions for Increasing and Maintaining GPA

  • Attend class consistently
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions and participate in class
  • Visit with faculty during office hours
  • Study outside the classroom in a quiet environment
  • Review material often & regularly
  • Use a daily planner
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Locate and use campus resources (i.e., Tutoring Center, Student Support Services)
  • Check course grades at mid-term
  • Meet with your academic advisor

Adapted with permission from the Southeast Missouri State University web site.