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Alternate Days

Virtual Day

  • Campus facilities will be unavailable to the public (Ketcham will be open 8am-6pm unless weather prevents opening)
  • Classes will be held online
  • Offices/Services will be available remotely
  • Employees will be expected to complete their workday remotely (employees may still report on-site, but on-site is not expected)
  • Students should check Brightspace for further information regarding their courses

We understand there might be circumstances that do not fit in the above. Please speak with your supervisor or instructor for guidance should you need.

Inclement Weather Day (closing for weather):

  • Campus facilities will be closed
  • No classes will be held
  • Offices/Services will be closed and unavailable
  • Employees will not be expected to work and should report a weather day
  • No student activities unless otherwise indicated

Communication on a virtual day vs. weather day will be announced as a “Virtual Day” or “ Inclement Weather Day” and announced via press release, text alert, email, and website notice.