Posted February 2021

What is a Hybrid Event?
The definition of a hybrid event…”a physical meeting in which an online audience also participates“. Essentially, both the physical as well as the online audience come together and participate in the same experience or content at the same time, from different locations. Gerrit Heijkoop;

Hybrid events are not new. Many institutions and organizations have been hosting hybrid events for more than ten years. So, why is the North Central Missouri College Foundation adding a virtual component to their events now?
The obvious answer is the coronavirus-caused COVID-19 pandemic and the need to keep our students, faculty, staff, family and friends safe. In addition, by hosting a hybrid event we can reduce the costs of our traditional events, increase participation, and reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Upcoming NCMC Foundation and Alumni Association hybrid events include: Homecoming & Alumni Appreciation Day, the Pirates Ball and the Scholarship Reception.

Homecoming & Alumni Appreciation Day – On Saturday, February 27, 2021 catch the Pirates as they host a double-header against Metropolitan Community College at the Ketcham Community Center*. The games and coronation will air on and on Facebook Live.

Pirates Ball, this annual event honors our Distinguished Alumni and Voyage Fund donors and will be held on March 13, 2021 at the Ketcham Community Center*. In-person guests will be entertained by comedian Chad Thornsberry while they enjoy a delicious meal. Our virtual guests will also be entertained by Chad and enjoy discovering the treasures found in their Pirates Ball in a Box. Auctioneer Mike Witten will be back to help us with our auction to benefit the Foundation Knowledge Fund, our general scholarship fund. Bids will be accepted in-person and online at MWAuctions.

Scholarship Reception, this annual event will be held at the Ketcham Community Center* on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 to honor ALL NCMC scholarship recipients and our scholarship donors/representatives. Guest attendance will be limited but both in-person and virtual guests will be inspired by our student speakers and members of our alumni and NCMC family.
*Attendance will be limited at the Ketcham Community Center. Masks are required and social distancing will be observed at all events.

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