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NCMC Pirate Fans in the Stands

Posted February 2021

Seating restrictions in the Ketcham Community Center gym and the health & safety of our fans and student athletes come first. Therefore, consider being at the game in SPIRIT by purchasing your own Pirate Fan in the Stands photo OR gift a photo of your favorite Pirate Fan! Don’t miss this great opportunity. The date you order will determine if you’ll be featured during Homecoming on February 27, 2021 so don’t delay place your order today.

By purchasing a Pirate Fans in the Stands while staying safe at home and watching Pirate games on you can show your love and support for the Pirates. Who knows you may even catch a glimpse of your Pirate Fan in the Stands self on the screen.

Please send an original photo from your phone or camera (250 ppi or greater) to [email protected] by Monday, February 8, 2021. For questions call (660) 357-6415.

Photo should be from the waist up and well-lit. Wear your favorite Pirate gear and the background should contrast with color of your shirt.

If you wear a hat, make sure the hat does not cast a shadow on your face.

Hands need to be below your head and tucked into your body. Hands and arms above the head and extended to the side cause the image to be too small.