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Voyage Fund Letter

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Dear Friends,

Through the past year, NCMC has endured a 9% reduction in state funding. We had to tighten the belt, reallocate some budget money, and yet embark on a growth agenda. As you may know, we have been successful with a 7% overall growth in enrollment. The result has been positive in creating some relief from the reduction of state support. However, we have a gap to fill, and must find new support for meeting the needs of our students, faculty, and staff as we continue our path of increasing enrollment.

The ability for NCMC to compensate for reduced funding exists in a two-fold manner: 1. Continue to grow enrollment (which of course has added expenses in operations), and 2. Enhance our revenue through private gifts and grants. Our strategic plan includes both strategies. In regard to our strategy of increasing private gifts, the NCMC Foundation has initiated its inaugural annual campaign, the Voyage Fund.

The Voyage Fund establishes a mechanism for funding many initiatives in our strategic plan such as: increasing the general scholarship fund; funding lab and library improvements, campus technology enhancement, faculty and staff professional development opportunities; establishing new co-curricular programs such as music and drama, as well as assisting students traveling to conferences; and many other areas where we either have lost funding or have a need to fill regarding a new NCMC program.

Having good supporters of NCMC is extremely important. We spend wisely and have deep appreciation for what we have. We have as fine a faculty and staff as does any college. Please take a moment to explore our website or contact NCMC Development staff directly to receive information by mail that demonstrates just what we do – and what we do, we do it well, as well as anyone. With these things in mind, we kindly ask for your consideration and action to support NCMC through the NCMC Foundation’s Voyage Fund. Thank you very much!

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Dr. Lenny R. Klaver, President
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Allen Seidel, Foundation Board President

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