1. To be eligible for nomination as a Distinguished Alumni, the former student must have successfully completed at least one semester at TJC/NCMC and agree to be nominated.
  2. Nominees do not have to reside in the immediate TJC/NCMC location.
  3. Nominees must be living at the time of their selection as a Distinguished Alumni.
  4. Criteria for the selection of nominees, in addition to their TJC/NCMC attendance, includes:
    • success in their chosen professional endeavors, which may include military service
    • support of TJC/NCMC
    • community service including church, civic, school and family activities
  5. Anyone may select an eligible person to be a nominee. Information must be provided to substantiate the person’s eligibility for nomination.
  6. Nominations are carried over for one year only. A new nomination form must be completed and submitted in order for the nominee to be consider after the two year period.
  7. If there is a question of when and/or how long a potential nominee attended TJC/NCMC or you are unsure whether the nominee has already received the Distinguished Alumni award, call NCMC Office of Development at: (660)359-3948, ext. 1415 or email [email protected].
  8. The Distinguished Alumni Nomination online nomination form, requires Adobe Acrobat, may then be filled in with the requested information and emailed to the NCMC Office of Development by clicking on the “Nominate” icon at the bottom of the form. If you are unable to email the completed online form and/or want to provide more information than space allows, you may print the form, attach a second page and mail or give it directly to the NCMC Office of Development.

    Visit the Distinguished Alumni Nomination form

  9. A Distinguished Alumni Nomination form can also be obtained by calling the NCMC Development/Foundation Office at (660)359-3948 ext. 1415 or email [email protected].
    The nomination form may then be completed and either sent by mail or given directly to:

    Director, NCMC Office of Development

    1301 Main St.
    Trenton, MO 64683

  10. Names of the chosen Distinguished Alumni are released when the NCMC Celebration invitations are mailed.
  11. Deadlines for submission of the completed forms will be announced each year.