What’s Ahead

Clubs & Organizations

During trying and stressful times we have to rely on each other. NCMC has a variety of clubs and organizations were students can meet over a common belief or activity to form a bond and life-long friendships. The instructors and staff members who devote their time and talents to these clubs and organizations do so out of a passion for the program and a commitment to the students.
Over the next few months we are going to feature NCMC clubs and organizations. If you would like to learn more about a featured club or organization contact Tricia Key at (660)357-6415; [email protected].
For donations or to sponsor a club or organization please contact Alicia Endicott at (660)357-6403; [email protected].

Business Club

The NCMC Business student organization has taken on a new look. Business Club as it is now referred to was changed to allow more students to benefit from the club. Since the restructure, attendance has increased to an average of 40-60 members each year. This is a large increase in student participation. There are many skills that business students can learn from extra-curricular opportunities while in Business Club. Our mission is to expose as many students as possible to different opportunities to learn soft skills and gain the knowledge they need to be successful.

One thing the Business Club offers is the Speaker Series. Guest speakers come on campus once a month to speak to students over a variety of topics. Some of the previous speakers have talked about “How to Buy Your First Car”, “How Important are Communication Skills?”, “How to Open My Own Business”, “When Can I Start Investing”, and the list goes on. The Speaker Series allows students to hear from people in industry discuss a specific topic or how important soft skills are to being successful. Students attend these regularly, with around 30-45 students.

Another goal of the Business Club has been to provide professional attire to students in need. Many students who live on campus or simply have grown since high school have limited options when it comes to business attire. Being in a rural area, many students cannot simply run to the store and purchase these high-ticket items. The Business Club’s “Career Closet” allows any student to get business attire for free. Students get clothes to wear for presentations, interviews for internships, or scholarship banquets. We are proud to offer this service and have seen many students take advantage. Our goal is that all Pirates look professional.

Business Club has offered off campus trips to business students for the past few years. Trips have included: Arrowhead Stadium, details regarding marketing and branding professionals; Missouri Star Quilt Company, details on their online business, social media platform, and a warehouse tour; and Shatto Dairy, owners discussed adapting a business to compete in a difficult economic climate. These trips are always fun and allow students to see firsthand how businesses apply some of the things they learn in the classroom. Attending these business trips gives the student an opportunity to meet with successful businesses and ask questions.

Business Club has become an essential part of the learning experience here at NCMC. If students want to expand their knowledge, build their skill set, and look good while doing it, Business Club is the avenue for all these things. It is exciting to be able to offer all of this to our students in addition to their classroom experience. You can follow the us on Facebook @NCMCBusiness for more information.

Baptist Student Union

The Baptist Student Union is a Christian based organization that seeks to give students the opportunity to grow in faith through Worship Services, Bible studies, Mission trip/volunteer opportunities. We also desire to be a safe place for students to go when they are stressed or in need that’s why we provide free meals every Wednesday, we have a free student grocery pantry, places to study with free Wi-Fi, and a place to have fun with board games, ping pong, air hockey, and foosball. We want the students of NCMC to feel loved, cared for and have a place filled with people they know are there to help them with whatever they need. We here at the BSU feel this is our call as followers of Jesus to create a community where students are loved and give love to others through faith in Jesus.

Phi Mu Epsilon

Posted February 2021

Since its origination in 1925, Phi Mu Epsilon continues to have a presence on the NCMC campus. Although the past year was very different for Phi Mu, as it was for the whole world, we were fortunate to be able to hold and participate in a few activities – one of those being a collaboration with Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) Chapter MN of Trenton on a feminine hygiene product drive for the Green Hills Women’s Shelter.

As I reflect on 2020 with my co-worker Ronna Owens, I remember Ronna was not only Phi Alumnae but recently a Phi advisor. I asked Ronna to reflect on her time in Phi:

Looking back on my time in Phi Mu, I realize how much it has shaped me into the person I am today. As an active member of Phi Mu our biggest goal was to give back to the community as well as NCMC, as our values centered on philanthropy. I remember us walking around town taking food and money donations for UNICEF, holding personal hygiene drives for the Green Hills Women’s shelter, adopting a family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and holding multiple baking sales to donate money to various organizations throughout Trenton. Along with our active services, Phi Mu had meetings bi-weekly where we would have a potluck or go to a museum. Some of my fondest memories of NCMC was coming together with my sisters to help those in our community; all while laughing and having fun. Today, I donate time, money and resources into all the service events Phi Mu participated in when I was a member, and it brings a smile to my face knowing I am making a difference.

Ronna Owens, NCMC Library Assistant
Phi Mu Alumni (active August 2013 – May 2015; Phi Mu Epsilon adviser 2018-2019)
Ronna’s Phi Mu Epsilon advisors: Judy Kidd and Rickiann Hoskins

Shellee Castanada, NCMC Library Research and Testing Services Coordinator
Phi Mu Epsilon Advisor 2018 to present

New Foundation Scholarship Established

Hatcher, Edward & Betty
Mrs. Betty Hatcher was so impressed when she toured the North Central Missouri College’s Nursing and Health Sciences program; she knew one day she would create a scholarship to help NCMC students. Mrs. Hatcher’s dream is now a reality with her recent Gifts in Action to create the Edward & Betty Hatcher Scholarship. The Edward & Betty Hatcher Scholarship will assist a Milan C-II or Grundy R-V graduate pursuing a degree/certificate at North Central Missouri College. The first award of this scholarship will be fall of 2021.

The NCMC Foundation is so grateful that Mrs. Hatcher made her dream come true to honor her and her late husband by creating an endowed scholarship,” commented NCMC Director of Development Alicia Endicott. “Mrs. Hatcher’s daughters graduated from Milan and Mr. Hatcher from Galt, therefore she wanted to help graduates from those high schools who attend NCMC.”

Establishing a named scholarship in honor of a family member or memory of a special friend is a wonderful way to leave a legacy. Endowed scholarships can be awarded in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Donors who have benefited from scholarships themselves can “pay it forward” by establishing a named scholarship with their Gifts in Action. Every donation to Gifts in Action will make a difference in the lives of NCMC students and help the leaders of tomorrow achieve their higher educational goals.

The NCMC Foundation is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions toward the Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you would like to learn more about the NCMC Foundation, how to start or donate to an existing NCMC Foundation Scholarship, contact Alicia Endicott at (660)357-6403; [email protected] or visit; Gifts in Action.

Positives of the COVID era – Relationships

Jayne Meservey
by Jayne Meservey, Tutoring Center Coordinator

In short, like most staff and faculty, going off campus brought with it many challenges for me. But once the recliner was removed from my living room to make room for a card table desk, this new challenge became a puzzle to be relished for all its endless possibilities.  None of us have done this before, so not too many rules and procedures were in place. Making the rules up as you go may have led us astray once in a while — Don’t tell anybody, I had a great mushroom season.  I also worked after hours and weekends some, but working from home made it all worthwhile.  The last few days on campus we all had questions, and seeing how our administration and faculty stress over all the big stuff, made me realize there were no perfect answers.  Knowing this, I was confident our tutors could handle this big puzzle.

One of the first things I enjoyed was reconnecting with several of the students who had to leave so suddenly.  Those little conversations to make sure they were okay, and make me feel better, were easy when we started using Microsoft Teams.  A crash course was provided, and really I should have been better about delving into its features well before this.  The good news was this program was super user friendly.  Since Teams was so easy, sending out those quick texts/chats, I became a professional chatter (kind of am anyway). Many of those chats turned in to several texts back and forth, some led to using the call feature, and several led to using the video chat with screen share.  All great tools to serve our students better.

In short this little “test run” gave us a reason to expand our student communication skills. Video conferencing about math with a student became a visit about that student’s younger siblings possibly coming to campus.  Parent questions about specialized programs offered and who to contact for those programs were answered. For one of my students it became a way to get to know her.  In the Tutoring Center there is a lot going on, so when working on video chat I had a chance to get to know her. While she worked through her math we would chat about her home town, job and family. Another student checked in nearly daily to ask about changes in graduation, how hands-on portions of courses would be conducted, and in general trying to get his bearings in this world turned upside down. Communication channels used for the time away have carried over to now, even though the spring semester is done and they really have no reason to message me about tutoring.  At this point it is just strengthening the relationships and helping the students feel stable as they are primarily staying at home.

In the many years NCMC has offered online courses, there has been a constant goal to provide online students with all the services that other students have.  Breaking that barrier of how to get that done became very necessary mid-March. I can now say that I am ready to provide tutoring for our online students.  Let me describe what I mean, before COVID encroached on our semester we could provide online tutoring in a very rudimentary way, students had to let me know they needed to meet via email, I sent them a link and scheduled a time, then when we met it was a lot like meeting on Facetime.  Now we can start a lesson immediately from a Teams chat, which can go from a call to screen sharing in under a minute.  The pressure of having to utilize this new tool right away has brought a confidence to our online tutoring services that we had struggled to obtain with clunky tools we had been using combined with a lack of the immediate necessity to motivate us.

Thank you COVID for making us better at serving our students.  Customer service is the most vital skill we possess, and COVID has been the ultimate trainer.

Megan Pester – Marketing at NCMC

Megan Pester
Marketing encompasses everything from advertising to promotion to customer service and more, but ultimately the goal of any marketing department is to create a long-lasting and ever-present relationship with your target audience. In this case, our goal is to meaningfully connect with our NCMC family.

My career at NCMC began in 2007 as the Admissions Assistant, and I’ve been on campus ever since. I spent six years as the Advisement & Transfer Facilitator for Northwest Missouri State University, housed on NCMC’s campus, which gave me the very unique perspective of working for a 4-year partner institution while still immersed in the NCMC campus culture. Following that, I became the Director of Advising for NCMC until recently moving into the Marketing Specialist role. Marketing made sense for me, as my educational background includes a B.S. in Marketing and a M.S. in Higher Education Leadership. This, coupled with the institutional knowledge I’ve gained over the last 13 years, has been invaluable in steering the marketing ship in a direction that will heavily focus on NCMC’s academic programs and our current students.

No one can tell a story with passion for our institution and what we have to offer better than those who have lived it. In our Student Feature blog on the website, students from different degree programs and backgrounds were asked to share a story about what influenced them to choose NCMC. We’ve received several inspiring stories, and the feedback received from these blog entries has been amazing and positive! A call to action was sent to our current students, and the stories continue to come in. The blogs ultimately drive people to our website, which is important for connecting with potential students and supporters. It’s so easy to share the blogs, and you reach an audience that may have never considered NCMC as a choice for their college career or for job skills training. Seeing someone they know or reading a student’s story that they can relate to is a powerful tool for marketing, and one of the easiest ways to share the blog entries is through social media.

In today’s market, the easiest, quickest, and most cost-efficient way to connect with your audience is social media. Our social media following continues to grow every day thanks to our followers and those on campus that contribute content. Another initiative that I’ve begun to implement is social media content planning. Frequently, information needs to go out quickly and without much thought, such as weather announcements, but a lot can be strategically planned based on the best days and times to share content on our social platforms which impacts interaction. NCMC has the capability to share content on several platforms, but our most active platforms include Facebook and Instagram. It’s interesting to view the analytics and see who is following and interacting with us.

Another aspect of social media marketing that I am working to improve is our social listening. Social listening is “listening” to what’s being said about NCMC online, even if it’s not posted directly to us. It’s imperative that we interact with those who are talking about us online, and teamwork is important to do so. I rely on my colleagues to let me know if someone has posted about NCMC so I can respond or share the content to our page. In speaking with a high school student recently, it was discovered that she was pleased and felt special when an institution interacted with her on Instagram. These are the connections that really draw in our students and prospective students, showing them that the NCMC family cares and wants to build that foundation leading to a positive experience with us!

Lastly, NCMC has some fantastic degree programs in place and some in the works that have potential to really take off with some exposure. Our entire NCMC team, faculty and staff alike, know the importance of being a recruiter for the college. Marketing’s job is to provide the resources needed to promote our programs and activities. Working on consistent branding of materials and a message that is immediately recognizable as NCMC is essential to the recruiting process. Look for our academic programs to be heavily promoted in the coming years.

Marketing is also working closely with NCMC’s Strategic Enrollment Management team to align marketing projects and initiatives with the overarching goals of the SEM plan and the institution. Together, the SEM team and marketing can influence our target audience, allowing us to grow the institution and reach our enrollment and retention goals.

Just as shipmates – Pirates, if you will – work together to reach their destination, the NCMC family continues to work toward a common goal of growing the Pirate Crew through positive interactions and promotion. Marketing is a vital part of the success of our institution, and in my role, it is exciting to see NCMC continue to build new connections while strengthening the relationships already established.

Follow us on social media! @NCMCPirates

NCMC Homecoming/Alumni Appreciation on Wednesday, January 22


The North Central Missouri College Alumni Association and the NCMC Student Senate are hosting Homecoming / Alumni Appreciation Day on Wednesday, January 22 at the Ketcham Community Center. There will be a pre-game tailgate in the Sugg room and The Pirates will host a double-header against Metropolitan Community College with the Lady Pirates tip off at 5:00 p.m. and the Pirates at 7:00 p.m. TJC/NCMC alumni classes will be recognized throughout the evening.

Free entry will be given for youth basketball players 12 and under. Youth, middle school, JV and varsity basketball players that wear their team jersey will receive a ticket for a free popcorn from the concession stand. Between games, the NCMC family of the year will be recognized. NCMC Dance Wave will perform during half time of the women’s game and coronation will take place during half time of the men’s game.

The theme for the event is, “Pirate for Life”. “NCMC has alumni from all around the world and celebrating them and their successes is just as important has celebrating the success of our current students and our student athletes”, commented NCMC Director of Development Alicia Endicott. “We welcome everyone to campus to help cheer on the Lady Pirates and Pirates, to make new friends and reconnect with old friends.”

Questions about all the activities being held on January 22 can be directed to the NCMC Development office by calling (660)357-6403 or [email protected].

Geyer Hall Light the Way event, November 18th.

NCMC is starting a new tradition of having a lighting ceremony of Geyer Hall. The NCMC Student Senate has donated funds for Geyer Hall to be lit up for the holiday season with an evening full of family events.

6:30pm – 8:00pm Alumni Memorial Luminaries (Hoover Quadrangle)
6:40pm – The Night Before Christmas Reading with Dr. Lenny Klaver, NCMC President (Geyer Hall Library)
6:45pm – Join in Song (Hoover Quadrangle)
7:00pm – 7:15pm Lighting Ceremony
7:15pm – 8:30pm Activities begin (Geyer and Cross Halls)
7:30pm – 8:30pm Santa Claus

Fun for the whole family includes kettle corn, ornament making, holiday music, photo booth, hot cocoa, resolution tree, educational displays and memorial luminaries with more events being added. Memorial luminaries can have a name added to honor a TJC/NCMC Alumni throughout the event or prior by contacting the NCMC Development Office, 660-357-6415. “The NCMC Alumni Association is excited to be a part of this family event to help celebrate the many reasons to be thankful during the holiday season,” commented NCMC Director of Development Alicia Endicott. “We hope to have the Bert and Rose Hoover Memorial Quadrangle lit up with memorial luminaries to honor TJC/NCMC Alumni who are no longer with us.”

NCMC’s flagship classroom building, the old Central School, was renamed Geyer Hall in the 1980’s and totally renovated in 2016. Today it contains technology-equipped classrooms, the Franklin and Frederick Bosley Learning Commons (consisting of the college library and the Student Success Center), and various administrative offices. The O.G. Sanford Clock Tower above the front entrance, named in honor of the College’s first president, and the ship’s anchor south of Geyer Hall are campus landmarks. On the east side of Geyer Hall, the Bert and Rose Hoover Memorial Quadrangle is a beautifully landscaped central green, a perfect spot for outdoor arts programs, student activities and other special events.

Most activities held during the Geyer Hall Light the Way event are free or a minimal fee may be charged to help cover supplies. For additional information on the lighting ceremony contact the NCMC Development Office at 660-357-6403/6415.

Fall 2019 Events

Dessert Social & Yard Games

The NCMC Alumni Association would like to welcome all students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to attend a dessert social & yard games event on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. This FREE event will be held on the Geyer lawn from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Estate Planning Seminar

The annual Estate Planning Seminar is set for Wednesday, October 23, 2019. This year the main speaker will be Johnathan Meyer, J.D., L.L.M. of Meyer Law & Mediation in Bethany, Missouri. The event is FREE and open to the public.

Cross Hall Open House

We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the dedication of Cross Hall on Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Join us in the lobby of Cross Hall (Cross Coffee) as we celebrate one of our most impressive buildings and one of our most gracious donations. All students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are welcome to attend.

Foundation Holiday Open House

Everyone is invited to attend the Tuesday, December 3, 2019 Foundation Holiday Open House. Stop by the Dorris Rider Art Gallery for a visit and some delicious holiday treats!

Homecoming & Alumni Appreciation Day

Homecoming & Alumni Appreciation Day 2020 will be held on January 22nd. The Pirates will host a double-header against Metropolitan Community College. Many activities and events are scheduled, including a pre-game tailgate in Sugg to honor our alumni.

Pirates Ball

Saturday, February 29, 2020 is the date for the 2nd annual Voyage Fund – Pirates Ball. This event will honor Distinguished Alumni, Lead Gift Contributors, Voyage Fund donors, TJC/NCMC Alumni and all NCMC friends family. Nominations for Distinguished Alumni can be accessed online.

View the Nomination Process

Scholarship Reception

This NCMC Foundation event honors ALL students who have received ANY scholarship during the 2019-2020 academic year. On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 our scholarship donors along with the recipients’ families and friends, will take time to celebrate the success of our hardworking students.

NCMC Digital Media Program

The development of comprehensive digital media programs at colleges and universities of all sizes is a fast growing discipline. Therefore, NCMC is in the beginning stages of building its own digital media program. The development of this program is crucial to staying current with the growth of non-traditional media trends and with the demand on colleges and universities to feature programs through digital media. The presentation of excellent digital media productions will enhance the recruiting of students, allow students to pursue careers in the industry, promote the positive image of NCMC, reconnect alumni & friends and help maintain the connection of alumni to their alma mater.

Key areas of the program will be highlighting NCMC students, faculty and staff as well as live and archived digital media promotion. Students will be trained and utilized in all aspects of digital media, including production of news and feature stories, live events, and website content. The broadcasting of sport and Fine Arts events will showcase the talent of our students and staff, serve as a promotional/recruitment tool for the respective programs and allow the families and friends of our students to view games and performances.

When asked about the development of a digital media program at NCMC Dr. Tristan Londre, Vice President of Academic Affairs, stated “This is a win-win for us. Students will have the chance to be involved with broadcasting and production, and NCMC will gain another platform to show off all the great things happening at the college.”

Paul D. and Emogene L. Jackson Scholarship

Scholarship providers

Paul and Emogene Jackson, business owners in Trenton for 39 years and active in their church, community, and civic organizations for over 70 years, believed in the future of their hometown and county. Loyal supporters of TJC/NCMC throughout their lifetimes and proponents of the concept that small businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of rural America, they hoped to enhance that bright future by encouraging students to fulfill their dreams of developing businesses through attaining degrees in all areas of business studies. The Paul D. and Emogene L. Jackson scholarship is offered in their memory to honor their belief in students, in small businesses, in community engagement through volunteerism, in the goodness of humanity, and in the hope of the future found in our students at NCMC.

Paul Daley Jackson, son of J.O. and Ernie Jackson, was born June 7, 1924 in Caldwell County Missouri. He was a graduate of Laredo High School. Mr. Jackson served in the United States Navy as a corpsman attached to the Marine Corps during WWII, earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star at Iwo Jima.

Emogene Lucille Elliott, daughter of Selah Hart Elliott and Viola Martin Elliott Davis, was born on July 24, 1924 in rural Grundy County Missouri. She was a graduate of Laredo High School. During WWII, she worked as a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell in Trenton and later as bookkeeper for the Jackson Bros. Oil Company for 34 years.

Paul and Emogene were married on January 13, 1946 in Hallsville, Missouri. Together they raised one daughter, Phyllis Jackson of Trenton and four sons, Stephen Jackson of Trenton; James Jackson of Jacksonville, FL; and Terry Jackson of Jacksonville, FL; Gary Jackson of San Diego, CA.

Mr. Jackson was a well-known businessman in the Trenton area, owning and operating multiple service stations. He was active in the community with the Grundy County Senior Citizens Center, the Grundy County Food Pantry, Rotary, the advisory council for the Grundy County Residential Center, the United Way, the Rural Dale Cemetery Board, the Grand Oaks Baptist Camp, RSVP, and the North Grand River Baptist Association. He also served as a Grundy County Commissioner for 10 years and Boy Scout Troop 97 leader for many years.

The Jackson’s were longtime active members of Rural Dale Baptist Church. Paul served as a deacon for 43 years and Emogene served as volunteer treasurer and music director for decades.

Mrs. Jackson was devoted to her family including her five children, ten grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. She served her community as treasurer for the North Grand River Baptist Association and as a volunteer with the Wright Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

Phyllis Jackson established this scholarship as a special tribute to her parents, Paul & Emogene Jackson. This scholarship will be awarded Fall 2019. Scholarship funds at North Central Missouri College can be created to assist a variety of students. You can designate the type of student based on academics, financial need, or other criteria of your choosing. For additional information on establishing a scholarship contact the NCMC Foundation/Development Office at (660) 359-3948 ext. 1403/1415.

New Program and Increased Enrollment Space for Allied Health

Fire Science is coming to NCMC beginning Fall 2019. This program prepares students for employment in the field of fire protection and is designed to meet the requirements of the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. NCMC will have IFSAC approved instructors and utilize the FESHA curriculum to meet those guidelines. Students will take 43 credit hours of general education and program required courses along with 18 hours of Certifications. Students will supply us with their certifications in: EMT-Basic, Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Hazardous Materials Operations Level, and Hazardous Materials Awareness Level. After completion of the program, students will have the knowledge and skills for immediate employment and be a great asset in their field. – Kristi Cutsinger, Program Coordinator of Health Sciences

NCMC also sought and received approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing to increase enrollment by 10 seats for the online Associate’s Degree in Nursing program. The program will now be allowed to accept 36 students each year instead of 26 students furthering NCMC’s effort to provide education and career training to students who are working full-time or unable to travel to campus. For the 2018-2019 academic year, 70 applicants were turned away from the online ADN program because of the 26-seat limitation. Health care facilities in northwest Missouri continue to express a need for more Registered Nurses. Combining the need for Registered Nurses and the number of applicants being turned away, NCMC administrators and faculty believed an increase to the enrollment capacity was needed. – Mitch Holder, Dean of Instruction

Fine Arts Programs

Think of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. While the void you feel because of their absence doesn’t interfere with your current career and personal successes or the day-to-day running of your life the void is still there and you feel it. This sums up the feeling and void that has been present at NCMC for a number of years and makes us want to invite our old friend, the Arts, back to NCMC.

Under the leadership of NCMC President Dr. Lenny Klaver new programs in the Arts are being offered and a vision for the future of the Arts at NCMC is taking shape. Last semester, a Pep Band added to the atmosphere of Pirates basketball games at the Ketcham Community Center. A NCMC Dance Team who also will perform at home basketball games and other events is currently signing new members. A monthly film series much like a book club is in development. Long range plans include: additional arts programs, a performing arts theatre, an outdoor performance venue, and community attractions including: art & craft fairs, theatrical productions, music, dance, art shows and digital media.

Patrons of the Arts in Trenton and surrounding areas are beginning the process of reviving the Arts. Last month, NCMC hosted a Fine Arts forum to discuss how to revitalize the arts in Trenton and the surrounding area. Over 50 people attended the meeting moderated by Dr. Klaver. Community members, representatives of community organizations, and NCMC faculty and staff discussed issues, voiced concerns, and shared ideas. At NCMC, we’re excited work with Trenton and the surrounding areas to welcome home an old friend.

North Central Missouri College Dance Team

The North Central Missouri College Dance Team, is a spirit organization that encourages interest and participation in the intercollegiate sports program. They will act as ambassadors of good will, school spirit, scholarship and leadership. Each member of the Dance Team has the opportunity for great personal growth, leadership development and involvement in many different exciting activities.
We are currently looking for dedicated individuals to represent North Central Missouri College at numerous events throughout the academic year. Dance Team members will perform at all Lady Pirate and Pirate Basketball home games. The team will also be present at various athletic games and community events throughout the academic year.

NCMC Scholarship Reception

2018 3   2018 2   2018 1

The North Central Missouri College Scholarship Reception to honor 2018-2019 scholarship recipients will be held on March 13, 2019, in the Jeanette Hoffman Robison Auditorium at the Ketcham Community Center. This annual event is hosted by the North Central Missouri College Foundation and not only highlights NCMC Foundation scholarship recipients but all NCMC institutional scholarship recipients for the 2018-2019 school year.

This event incorporates not only our student recipients but the donor families that have invested in NCMC by creating endowed and annual scholarship funds”, commented NCMC Director of Development Alicia Endicott. “Each year the Foundation is honored to be able to increase the amount of scholarships it is able to award to our NCMC students. Our students are doing great things and their hard work is rewarded through scholarships.

Mrs. Tammie Wiebers, NCMC Speech Instructor will emcee the event again this year with featured student and donor speakers. Lite appetizers will be served with an opportunity for recipients to take pictures with their donor representatives.

Those seeking more information on establishing a scholarship with the NCMC Foundation or being a part of the Scholarship Reception can contact the Development Office at (660) 357-1415/1403.

NCMC Pirates Ball

front invitation

The NCMC Foundation and NCMC Alumni Association is starting a new tradition to honor our distinguished alumni, lead gift contributors, Voyage Fund donors and all NCMC family and friends with the Pirates Ball! This business attire event is scheduled for February 23, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at the Red Barn located at 200 Iowa Blvd. in Trenton.

We will use food and entertainment to take a Voyage and honor and thank those who have donated their time, talent and treasure to NCMC. Individual tickets are $40 and include one drink ticket. Purchase a table for eight and you’ll receive two bottles of wine and a dessert. Seating is limited so please contact the NCMC Development Office by Friday, February 1, 2019 at (660) 357-6415 or [email protected].

A meet & mingle will begin at 6:00 p.m. followed by food stations, a program and entertainment at 6:30 p.m. A live auction will begin at 8:00 p.m. to benefit the NCMC Foundation’s Knowledge Fund our general scholarship fund.

Parking is available at the NCMC Barton Farm Campus. A Shuttle service will be provided from the Lager Laboratory to the Red Barn from 5:45 p.m. to 6:25 p.m. and from the Red Barn to the Lager Laboratory from 8:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.
We hope you will join us for the first annual NCMC Pirates Ball.

NCMC Foundation High School Holiday Hoops

Princeton vs Plattsburg

Basketball fans are you ready for the 14th annual High School Holiday Hoops on the campus of North Central Missouri College? This annual event sponsored by the NCMC Foundation will feature 116 teams representing 64 Missouri and Iowa High Schools. All games are played at the Ketcham Community Center and begin on Friday night December 14th and conclude on New Year’s Eve.

Teams throughout Missouri with schools also representing metropolitan Kansas City, St. Louis and Des Moines, Iowa range in size from 1A to 5A in Missouri and 1A to 4A for the Iowa schools. Great match-ups will cover the entire 13 day event. Final touches are still being made to the schedule but when confirmed the schedule will be posted online, so check back often. Any games that have to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances will not be made up.

This event is only made possible by our generous sponsors, 15 member steering committee, hundreds of volunteers, and the athletes that compete at their very best. NCMC Foundation High School Holiday Hoops will once again have day sponsors, half-time contests, drawings and raffles. This event is sure to entertain basketball fans of all kinds. We hope to see you on the NCMC campus cheering on your favorite team, visiting old friends, volunteering or just visiting as Holiday Hoops or NCMC alumni!

Meet the NCMC Student Ambassadors

NCMC student ambassadors are selected each year to serve as tour guides to prospective students as they visit campus. Often times, our ambassadors make the first impression on new students and their families so they are a very important part of our recruiting plan!

We are extremely fortunate to have an outstanding group of ambassadors for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you get the opportunity to meet one or all of our ambassadors, please extend a thank you for the important work they do for the college!


Joeigh Eaton (Mound City, MO) Social Work

I chose NCMC because I wanted to use my A+ scholarship.
I enjoy being a student ambassador because I like showing perspective students around campus and getting to meet new people.

Mariah Fox (Trenton, MO) Nursing Sciences

I chose NCMC because I wanted to use my A+ and receive an affordable education! I love that I go to a college where teachers know me be my name and I can get ahold of them anytime! This is refreshing to me and makes me realize that NCMC is the place for me!

My favorite part of being an ambassador is getting to meet so many different students from all over! I am a talker and while I give tours I have a chance to talk to students from all over and get to know them personally! They all have goals and plans for their future and it is so refreshing to hear their plans for the future while attending North Central Missouri College!

Brooke Leeper (Princeton, MO) Elementary Education

I chose NCMC because they make it easy and affordable to attend. It’s also a smaller school and that allows me to have a better connection with my teachers!

The best part of becoming an ambassador is making friends and connections on campus! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and that is how I want visiting students to experience NCMC. I try to help them see it’s a great place to make friends and not to be afraid to get involved.

Taylor McQueen (Stanberry, MO) Dental Hygiene

I choose NCMC because I wanted to further my softball career and when I came on a visit it felt like home here. NCMC also had my degree where I could transfer to a dental school and I wouldn’t have to worry about my credits not transferring.

I love showing other students the campus and telling them why I choose NCMC because I know how hard it is to choose a school so if I can help other students choose a school it makes me feel better.

Pharon Pilgram (Willemstad, Curacao) Fashion merchandising/marketing

I chose NCMC because of its small size and baseball program. Trenton is a city of friendly people!
My favorite part of being an ambassador is meeting new people and getting to know campus better.

Jamee Scearce (Stewartsville, MO) Agriculture Business

The Ag program is why I chose NCMC. I also wanted to utilize my A+. I came from a small high school and was not ready for a large university. With an Ag program, A+, and small class sizes how could I go wrong?

As an ambassador, I enjoy showing my passion of NCMC to others. I love talking about the history and all the great changes on campus. I like to entertain future students with several fun things we do here on campus. Most importantly, I am delighted to talk to students about college and why they should choose NCMC.

Jessica Vestal (Unionville, MO) Agriculture Business

I chose NCMC because the campus is great for first year students and the teachers and administrators are great!
Getting to work with high school students to help them see the great things we offer at NCMC is what I like best about conducting tours.


North Central Missouri College is entering the exciting world of eSports – organized multi-player video game competitions! The global audience for eSports numbers in the hundreds of millions, and communities around the country are building arenas to host eSports events. At the collegiate level, eSports was recently recognized by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and Missouri is a hotbed of activity for the sport, with ten Missouri schools already participating as members of the National Association of Collegiate eSports.

The college is actively recruiting a club team from current students, and investigating a transition to varsity competition as soon as Spring 2019. Eighteen students have shown interest, with eleven attending an informational meeting. At that meeting, an NCMC eSports club was organized and officers were elected. Matches can take place without the need for travel to another school, reducing the cost of operating a program. The primary equipment need is PC-style computers with higher end computers giving teams a competitive advantage, but the college is evaluating the possibility of beginning to participate in sanctioned events with current lab PC’s. The eSports team will likely start out by using a classroom for practice and competition, but several Missouri schools have recently made major investments in facilities that allow not only competitors but spectators.

Apprenticeship Program

North Central Missouri College and Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc. are partnering together on a new job training program! A recently announced registered apprenticeship program provides newly-hired Gray employees in St. Joseph with on-the-job skill training and college courses related to advanced manufacturing. The 18-month program has five apprentices in the field of welding and five apprentices in the field of CNC machining. Upon completion of the program all apprentices with passing marks will earn a Manufacturing Skills college certificate through NCMC and a full time position with Gray Manufacturing. “The team at Gray has really embraced the apprenticeship model for employee job training,” stated Jason Helton, Director of Business & Corporate Relations for NCMC. “This partnership is a unique way for the company to train their workforce to the specific skills they need and for the employees to learn the college coursework and earn various credentials.”

Gray students

Front row (left to right): Ivy Swift (welding), Kenya Henderson (CNC), Ethan Hawks (welding), Auston Henggeler (welding), Brody Redmond (welding)
Back row (left to right): Kyle Vest (CNC), Dakota Wilson (CNC), Tryston Guthrie (welding), Dillon Carter (CNC), Alex Heinrichs (CNC)

Meet Mitch Holder

Bringing everything full circle is why NCMC’s new Dean of Instruction Mitch Holder is excited to be in his new position. Mitch and his family have a long history with NCMC as students, alumni, and faculty. Mitch reminds us that starting small can lead to big things. Congratulations Mitch, we are excited to have you back on campus!
Mitch Holder

Why did you choose NCMC?

I chose NCMC because of the small class sizes and for the support systems in place as I transitioned to college. Additionally, I was an A+ student so utilizing this scholarship reduced my student loans by a substantial amount.

What do/did you like best about NCMC?

For me, NCMC offered a support system that increased my chance at academic success. It was important that my instructors knew me and was able to craft the learning that fit me. I didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle with a student-to-instructor ratio of 100:1. I’m very proud that NCMC offers a personalized learning environment where students can have positive relationships with their instructors, who are vested in their achievement.

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

I believe it is important for students to know their learning preferences. How do you need to be supported in order to succeed academically? Next, attending class is crucial. You wouldn’t buy a movie ticket and then not enter the theater to watch the movie. That’s the same for attending class in college. You’ve already paid the tuition, make sure you get your return on investment by attending class.

What was your first job after graduating or attending NCMC?

I worked at State Street Bank in Kansas City, MO. The team I worked with supported The Hartford’s mutual funds.

What do you like best about your current job?

I love seeing students discover their purpose in life through academics and career preparation. This drives my passion to lead our programs to make them the best they can possibly be.

What are you most proud of (personal or professional) and why?

Well, it starts with my family. My beautiful wife, Lori, and I have a 16-month old daughter named Remington Lou. We are also expecting our second child in late August. They are my pride and joy. Professionally, I’m proud every time I see former students who are on their journey in life. I enjoy seeing them striving to make a better life for themselves. Whether big or small, I hope I’ve made some type of positive impact that sticks with them throughout their life.

NCMC Foundation Scholarship Facts

  49 Total Scholarships

  • 40 Endowed Scholarships
  • 8 Athletic Scholarships
  • 6 Allied Health Scholarships
  • 5 Education Scholarships
  • 4 Agriculture Scholarships

  $150,000+ awarded during the 2017-2018 school year

  $30,000+ for Allied Health

  140 recipients during the 2017-2018 school year

  Opportunities for Freshman and Sophomores most are renewable for a second semester

  Gifts in Action has raised over $3.9 Million

    • Continued support to our Gifts in Action, annual scholarship campaign, assures the growth of endowed scholarship funds, thereby allowing current students and generations of future students to pursue their educational dreams.

  Knowledge Fund has raised over $230,000. Our goal is to increase fund to $500,000 by 2020.

    • NCMC Foundation Knowledge Fund is our general scholarship fund that allows for a more diverse group of students to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Donations to the Knowledge Fund can be made in someone’s honor, memory or part of a yearly contribution. All donations to the Knowledge Fund are used for scholarships only, there are no administrative fees.

Save the Date

NCMC Scholarship Reception

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Exploring new Academic, Co-Curricular, and Extra-Curricular Programs

As the campus explores possibilities for new housing as part of the NCMC Board’s charge to Dr. Lenny Klaver to increase enrollment, new programs are planned to be part of that process. With the opening of the North Belt Center (NBC) in Andrew County, three new academic programs are being offered: Associate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Health Associate and an Agribusiness Certificate. Planning is underway for Trenton campus offerings in the form of certificate programs in Ag Mechanics and Livestock Management as well as Associate programs in Sport Management and Digital Media. Further, a few new twists have been added to the Industrial Maintenance Certificate and a new apprenticeship program with options in manufacturing, retail, and business are coming as revised and new programs this spring.

To provide students with a more full undergraduate experience, the administration is working on the addition of co-curricular programs in Music (vocal and instrumental) and Drama. These programs will offer students the ability to continue their interests and talents into college life much the way as students do in our athletics program. Regarding athletics, there may also be some expansion ahead for aspiring NCMC Pirates. With the addition of Men’s and Women’s golf last year, the athletic and campus administration is looking toward additional extracurricular sports programs. At this time, nothing is set in stone, but consideration is being given to men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, women’s tennis, and cross country as well as a possible dance squad. Interest in these programs has resulted from prospective student interest indicated from Admissions Counselor visits to schools and college fairs in the region. For certain, NCMC is excited as we look ahead to our next phase of growth and expansion.

Looking into Housing Expansion

As North Central Missouri College grows in enrollment along with considering the aging status of current on-campus housing, Selby and Ellsworth Halls, NCMC administration has begun to explore possibilities for construction of a new residence hall(s). The initial consideration was one large 240-bed residence hall with student-center aspects such as campus dining and a new bookstore-campus shop. The result was considered to be too costly to pursue at present. In turn, a design was sought as a series of 45-bed buildings in a suite style setting which could, over time, be approximately the same regarding capacity. In the latter configuration, NCMC can build on an ‘as-needed’ basis and eventually replace Selby and Ellsworth as residence halls. A student-center type building may be in the longer range plans in the form of combining such with an array of student services and administrative offices. Over the course of the next year and financing planning researched, the campus should be positioned to move forward with the housing expansion plans.