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Supporting the Strength of our NCMC Students

NCMC students are strong, dedicated, outgoing individuals who come to NCMC for many different reasons at different stages in life.  Perseverance, dedication to their education and support from faculty and staff is why NCMC students are successful.  The following is an excerpt from a NCMC Foundation scholarship essay.

Early on, my family placed an emphasis on education.  As a high school freshman, working toward the A+ program, I started having unbearable headaches.  I had adjusted to the pain but then I was in a car accident.  Although the accident did not cause damage, medical assessment revealed a benign brain tumor.  The following year, I was found unresponsive due to a reaction to medication I had been taking since surgery.  I was placed on a ventilator and my life was slipping away.  The doctors feared I would not survive, but I was not done with this world.  Unfortunately, I had suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation.  I had to leave school; I was unable to retain information and needed to relearn everything I had been taught since the ninth grade.

Throughout my life’s journey I have been in various caregiver roles, starting as a teen.  Sometimes those roles interrupted the path toward my future.  In July 2018, I found myself veering off my path to care for my father while he was dying of cancer.  My experiences were instrumental in my decision to enter the medical field.  Although the route my life has taken has not been easy, it was meant to show me that my purpose is to care for others.  Attending NCMC is the first step toward accomplishing this.

My tenacity and steel resolve has served me well.  In April 2018, at the age of thirty-one I got my GED.  I then enrolled at NCMC to pursue my AA degree.  My aspiration is to become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  I play many roles; full time 4.0 student, caretaker to my mother, Vice President of scholarships and fellowship for PTK*, member of GSA*, and student tutor for SSS*.  I truly enjoy helping fellow students; I delight in seeing people achieve their goals.  I am grateful to call NCMC home.  I have overcome many obstacles to get here, but a few still remain.  I am a non-traditional student ineligible for A+.  Another barrier to being a non-traditional student is the cost of adulthood.  I never would’ve imagined my scholarship essay would include a pandemic as a cause for financial assistance, but in a time of economic turmoil it seems as though it is.  With the generosity of NCMC and its foundation I will be able to navigate my journey’s obstacles and reach my goals.  Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to better myself and my future.

Annaliese R.
Chillicothe, MO

The North Central Missouri College Foundation supports areas of need identified by the College, which include scholarships, academic excellence, student excellence, capital projects and community service.

Gifts to the Foundation have contributed substantially toward the growth of the College and its continuous goal of excellence.  However, it takes continued outside assistance to ensure student success for years to come.

Gifts can be made online, in person, via phone or mail.  More information can be found at; https://www.ncmissouri.edu/alumni/giving/, or just click GIVE on the college homepage.

*PTK-Phi Theta Kappa, GSA-Gay-Straight Alliance, SSS- Student Support Services serves low-income, first generation, or those students with disabilities and is 100% Funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a Pirate, after all.

– Johnny Depp

We thought we would take a moment to share some of our positive experiences, general observations, and sing the praises of our students, faculty, staff, family, community and each other. A little inspiration during this difficult time from the NCMC Family to yours. Enjoy!

  • Microsoft Teams has been great for working with students. The chat feature is so familiar to our students, so it seems more natural than email. I have found some students do their homework at their kitchen table, so when I am working with them through video chat their moms will talk to me.  It has been great getting to know more about the region we serve through talking to the parents about their lives, sometimes even about other siblings we can expect at NCMC in the future, why NCMC was chosen for their current student, and also about the student’s jobs in their hometowns. Of course, we do get sidetracked and talk about gardening, cooking, and how we are dealing with social distancing.
  • I wasn’t sure how I would like working from home. I thought I would be distracted and not be able to get anything done. However, I have found that I have been able to do everything I was able to do in the office, and I really enjoy sharing an “office” (the dining room table) with my husband. We can have short chats about things going on at work, or in our lives. With the kids also being home, we all have lunch together. So, now we get two family meals together a day! It’s been a nice break from rushing one place to another, and just being home, while still being productive.
  • I continue to hear faculty speaking to the resiliency of our students. Students are meeting the challenge and overcoming obstacles. It’s indicative of the hard-working nature of our student population. Some students are simply undeterred by the COVID-19 disruption as they adapt and overcome. Other students are continuing course activities with children at home due to K-12 online learning – this presents all sorts of challenges. Then, other students are serving on the frontlines. One example is a student working around the clock in a medical supply distribution company while continuing course activities. Our students are demonstrating how resilient they truly are and that they can, in fact, adapt and overcome.
  • I would like to acknowledge the “can do” attitude of faculty. Transitioning face-to-face learning to an online environment is not easy. Doing it on such short notice is even more daunting of a task. Our faculty have risen to the occasion because they know students need it.
  • Our IT department has been phenomenal. We could not ask more of them during this time. They truly have been stellar. They are bending over backwards to make sure faculty and students have what they need to continue course activities.
  • I am getting to know my students in a completely new way!  I thought I knew my night class students pretty well before all this started. Boy was I wrong. The week after spring break, I called each student and had a 10-15-minute conversation with each one.  We did not necessarily talk about class at first since my students just needed to TALK the first week. The second week we met through Microsoft Teams. We were all giddy to see each other again!  My students are AMAZING! They are so resilient and adaptive.
  • Using new technology is difficult.  (What used to take me one hour now takes three.) I am 50, so using Teams and Screencast-O-Matic is not intuitive. I troubleshoot and ask many questions.  My students are doing the same thing.  We are all learning something new every day. Not one student has complained or been rude.
  • I have become a better teacher. I have changed assignment sheets (to reflect what is going on with the pandemic), learned technology on the fly, and extended deadlines.  I said I would never give my cell phone number to my students; now all my students have my number!  I now exchange several texts with students daily and I enjoy hearing how they are doing.
  • My daughter and I do yoga every night.  We love it.  She and I have grown so close.  We also walk together every night.  We are two peas in a pod . . . Oh, and I have played SO many games of Connect Four with my sons and husband.

New Programs Assist Missourians to Cover the Full Cost of Tuition

North Central Missouri College is helping adults pursue a certificate, degree, or industry-recognized credential by offering the Missouri Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant to help cover the cost of tuition. In partnership with the Missouri Army National Guard, NCMC will also be offering the SHOW ME GOLD program starting in January 2020. Full-time or part-time students who are members of the Missouri Army National Guard may apply to receive 100% of their NCMC in-state tuition paid.

The Missouri Fast Track grant is designed to ensure when combined with other financial aid, that tuition and fees are fully covered. Students are eligible for an award of up to $500 to cover other education-related expenses if full tuition and fee costs are covered by other financial aid. The grant is renewable and can be used with several programs at NCMC. To qualify, individuals must be age 25 or older OR not been enrolled in any school within the last two years. In addition, students must not hold a bachelor’s degree and make less than $40,000 per year ($80,000 jointly). Grant recipients must maintain Missouri residency and work in Missouri for three years after graduation to prevent the grant from becoming a loan that must be repaid with interest. Individuals will need to apply for eligibility. For more information and details, visit https://www.ncmissouri.edu/admissions/fast-track/ or contact the Financial Aid Office at (660)359-3948 ext. 1513. Funding is limited, and individuals are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Students enrolled in the SHOW ME GOLD program are not only eligible to receive 100% of their NCMC in-state tuition paid but enlisted students may also collect the GI Bill (full-time students), monthly income, job training, and the ability to become an Officer. Both current soldiers and new enlistees to the Missouri Army National Guard can enroll in the SHOW ME GOLD program. To qualify for enlistment, students must be a permanent resident or US citizen, meet height/weight standards, be in good health, and have no tattoos located below the wrist or on their neck/face. For more information about the SHOW ME GOLD program contact SSG Palmer at 660-734-0608 or [email protected].

For more information about enrolling at NCMC, visit www.ncmissouri.edu or contact the Admissions Office at 660-359-3948 ext. 1410.

North Central Missouri College Allied Health Program Receives Software Donation

Donations and pledges generously totaling over $30,000 from the NCMC Foundation, Cameron Regional Medical Center (Cameron), Hedrick Medical Center – Saint Luke’s Health System (Chillicothe), Wright Memorial Hospital – Saint Luke’s Health System (Trenton) and Mosaic Life-Care Medical Center (St. Joseph) will allow the learning management system (LMS) software application to be upgraded in the Senator Christopher S. Bond Sciences Lab on the campus of NCMC.

The Senator Christopher S. Bond Sciences Lab on the first floor of the Cross Allied Health Building is a state-of-the-art simulation lab providing hands-on training for allied health students. The various simulators and mannequins give students an opportunity to practice skills and techniques in a lab environment prior to caring for patients in clinical facilities. By using a LMS software application allied health faculty are given an opportunity to observe, assess, manage, track and report on a student’s progress. The LMS selected for the upgrade is SimCapture. According to B-Line Medical, the provider, this LMS is used in over 500 healthcare institutions in 35 countries and is the choice of 80% of U.S. News & World Report’s top medical schools, hospitals and nursing programs.

For questions on how you can make a donation to the allied health program or to your favorite area of study, please contact the NCMC Development Office for more details at 660-357-6403.

If you would like additional information on the nursing program, please contact Jenna Stevens at [email protected] or for additional information on health sciences, please contact Kristi Cutsinger at [email protected].

North Central Missouri College Allied Health Department hosts Dr. Amy K. Patel

Dr. Amy Patel
As part of a community service activity for Breast Cancer Awareness month the NCMC Allied Health department is sponsoring a guest lecturer, Dr. Amy K. Patel. The lecture will take place on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in Cross Hall room 208. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members are invited to attend.

Dr. Patel is a Board-Certified Radiologist who specializes in Breast Imaging. She is a Breast Radiologist, Medical Director of the Women’s Imaging Center at Liberty Hospital and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.

Dr. Patel is a graduate of the combined BA/MD accelerated program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She completed her Diagnostic Radiology Residency at the University of Kansas-Wichita where she served as the first female chief resident in an all-male program. She completed her Breast Imaging Fellowship at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Washington University in Saint Louis.

Dr. Patel’s professional interests include recruitment of women in radiology, as she established the American College of Radiology (ACR) Resident and Fellow Section Women and Diversity Advisory Group when she was in training and now serves on the ACR Commission for Women and Diversity. She is also on the steering committee for RADxx, an initiative to recruit women into imaging informatics. She also serves as the Co-Chair of the Communications Committee for AAWR. Her interests also include mentorship, social media, also serving as chair of the social media committee for the Society of Breast Imaging and Associate Editor for Digital Media for the Journal of the American College of Radiology, and leadership, being a former recipient of the Radiology Leadership Institute Summit Scholarship.

She also has an avid interest in radiology political advocacy, serving on the RADPAC Board and is the Vice Chair for the American College of Radiology Radiology Advocacy Network. She is also a former ACR Rutherford Lavanty Fellow in Government Relations. She is also the first female and youngest radiologist recipient of the ACR Howard Fleishon MD Advocate of the Year Award. She is a staunch advocate for patients receiving fair radiological care, particularly in the realm of annual mammography screening beginning at age 40. Consequently, she involved in helping pass the bill in the state of Missouri ensuring annual screening 2D and 3D mammography coverage beginning at age 40 in average risk women.

NCMC welcomes a new look at the Ketcham Community Center

Pirate Crew display
The Ketcham Community Center (KCC) on the campus of North Central Missouri College has gotten a few upgrades and we suggest you stop by and take a look around. KCC is home to the NCMC Pirates and features the Modine Manufacturing Company Fitness Center, the Sut & Tammy Hill Weight Room, a cardio room, and the Jeanette Hoffman Robison Auditorium.

The Modine Manufacturing Company Fitness Center, the Sut & Tammy Hill Weight Room, and the cardio room all have new layouts and various new equipment including new strength and cardio machines. The cardio room also features new window graphics including a panoramic shot of the 2019 Men’s Regional XVI Championship game.

The Jeanette Hoffman Robison Auditorium (and gym) features a new paint scheme and two new wall graphics. The standard lights in the auditorium have been replaced with automatic LED lighting. The wooden manual telescopic bleachers have been upgraded to black motorized telescopic bleachers. A “Pirates Crew” wall graphic on the east wall designates the student section and features red motorized telescopic bleachers. A mural of past and present athletes decorates the west wall. Adding to the spirit of home games are the audio and video functions on the upgraded Peter Trombley Family scoreboard. Additional upcoming improvements to the auditorium include: annual court maintenance (KCC will be closed for the annual court maintenance August 9-17), new exterior window graphics, a new computer system to manage and track memberships, and a new LED scorer’s table.

We are proud of the improvements made to the Ketcham Community Center, which opened to the public in June of 1998, so be sure to stop by anytime. Unable to stop by, pictures and a short video can be found on the NCMC Foundation Facebook page. Don’t forget KCC offers memberships, the auditorium/gym is available for rent if you have an event to host and the Harry Sugg Conference Room is available for meetings.

Check out the Pirates athletic website for more information on memberships, rental agreements and general/ holiday hours or contact the KCC front desk at (660) 359-3948 ext. 1450.

NCMC Receives Top Rankings

Top Rankings

RN nursing program ranked on the 2019 Best RN Programs by RegisteredNursing.org. Out of 53 analyzed programs, NCMC-Trenton RN program has been ranked as one of the top ten programs in the state of Missouri at #8.

Licensed Practical Nursing programs were recently ranked one of the best in Missouri by practicalNursing.org. The Trenton program was ranked #6 followed by the Bethany program at #8 and the Maryville program at #12.

Online Associates degree in Criminal Justice was recently featured as one of the Top 50 online Associates in Criminal Justice degree programs in the nation by TheBestSchools.org for 2019.

NCMC Athletics

North Central Missouri College athletics competes in baseball, softball, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s golf. Additionally, the college has added the NCMC Dance Wave for the 2019-20 school year. The department prides itself on having quality student athletes who excel in the classroom and on the playing field. Twenty-seven Pirates earned Academic All-American status for the 2017-18 school year and this type of achievement is common for the athletic department. Diversity is added to campus through athletics with players coming from urban and rural settings plus the countries of Curacao, Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland, and Sweden.

Pirates Baseball works hard to develop the talents of each individual player. These accomplishments are evident by the success of individual athletes when they move on to play at the four year level and in professional baseball. Recent success stories include pitcher Anthony Caenepeel who went on to play at Northwest Missouri State University and broke their career strikeout record, a mark that had stood for 48 years. Silas Bohannan, a former pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals organization, and Stephan Vidal, a current catcher in the Kansas City Royals organization, have each had the opportunity to play professionally.

Lady Pirates Softball continually has put together winning records. The team is 91-48 under Head Coach Steve Richman who took the helm after leading the men’s basketball program for 16 years.

Men’s Basketball won their first NJCAA Region XVI championship in 2019 and earned a berth in the National Tournament. This success under 3rd year Head Coach Jeremy Esry created quite a buzz around campus. While this was a tremendous achievement, Esry believes his program’s greatest accomplishment was graduating every sophomore on the 2017-18 team.

Women’s Basketball routinely competes for Region XVI titles, having won three under Head Coach Jenni Croy. The 2013-14 season also saw the Lady Pirates compete in the National Tournament. High graduation rates and academic success are routine for the program.

Pirate’s Golf has accomplished a lot in just a short amount of time. In its second year, the program won a Region XVI championship and three players competed in the NJCAA DII National Championship. Additionally, the team was honored with the “18 Birdies All-Academic Team” award. To date in their third year of competition, individual and team wins in tournaments have come plus they led all NCMC teams with a 3.77 team GPA in the fall term.

The top achievement for Women’s Golf is sending player to the National Tournament. In 2018, Hannah Bracken was the first Lady Pirate to compete in that event. This year’s team is sending two of its three players to compete for a national title.

NCMC Athletics Home

Thank a Donor Day


Stop and look around the campus North Central Missouri College and you’ll soon realize how much donors have done and continue to do for NCMC. While you’re looking around campus imagine what the top ten in the state of Missouri NCMC nursing program would be like if there was no Cross Hall. What if there was no state-of-the-art skills lab with all of the simulators and other technology to train NCMC nursing students? For anyone who doesn’t think it affects you personally stop and think about the last time you, a friend or a family member needed the services of a nurse. We all want and expect highly skilled nurses to assist us in our time of need. Cross Hall is just one of many buildings on campus that NCMC could not do without.

While we appreciate our donors each and every day we want to stop and take some time to show our donors how much they are appreciated. Therefore, we’ll host Thank a Donor Day April 23-25. Students, alumni, faculty and staff will be able to stop by a gratitude station and write a thank you note expressing their love and appreciation for NCMC donors. A Social Media Scavenger Hunt will be a fun team event for students and give them an opportunity to a win a prize while calling attention to various donors and the donations they have made to NCMC.

Donations to NCMC come in various forms. The obvious is money but many donors volunteer their time, or their talent. Without volunteers, including those with special gifts or talents, many events at NCMC would not be possible or would take money out of already strained budgets.

THANK YOU to all NCMC donors you’ll never know the impact of your generosity but that won’t stop us from trying to show you how much you are appreciated.

NCMC Pep Band

Ped Band

NCMC Pep Band is a BRAND NEW student-led organization on campus! The band played with the local Trenton High School Pep Band at this year’s homecoming game. The club is in its early stages, recruiting new members and leaders with the goal of playing at home basketball games. Pep Band students must be able to provide their own instruments but no audition is required. Contact Tocarra Williams, Pep Band Co-Advisor, for more information. [email protected] or 660-357-6347

Sarah Joe Alden & Thomas V. Brown Scholarship

Sarah Alden and Thomas Brown
NCMC alumni, faculty, friends and area residents will recognize the names of Sarah Joe (Alden) Brown and Thomas V. Brown. We’re happy to announce at a NCMC Foundation Scholarship was recently started in their honor and we can’t think of two more worthy individuals.

Sarah and Tom Brown have both held a variety of offices on state and national levels doing work for the mentally disabled. Tom Brown, professor emeritus of NCMC, retired from teaching political science and American History in1985. Tom is also a veteran having served his country in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Tom is an author having written at least two books and numerous articles for magazines, newspapers and newsletters. The Browns raised two sons, Thomas and Anthony, and have been married for over 70 years.

We are deeply saddened to report Tom Brown died Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, in Trenton of natural causes. He was 94. Before his death he was excited to hear about the scholarship and we’re happy its development was able to bring him a little joy.

Friends and family of Sarah and Tom Brown are welcome to make a donation to this scholarship fund to increase the award amount by contacting the NCMC Development Office.

Have questions? Are you interested in establishing a scholarship?

Contact Alicia or Tricia (660) 357-6403/6415

NCMC Homecoming & Alumni Appreciation Day

Homecoming flier
The NCMC Student Senate and NCMC Alumni Association would like to invite past, present and future Pirates to the NCMC Homecoming and Alumni Appreciation Day on February 4, 2019, at the Ketcham Community Center on the North Central Missouri College campus. Join fellow “Pirates for Life” for a day of celebration and cheer on the NCMC Lady Pirates as they play against University of St. Mary JV and the Pirates as they play Missouri Valley College JV. Many activities are planned including a tailgate, coronation, photo booth, spirit poster contest and NCMC family of the year. NCMC Alumni classes will be recognized at the beginning of each quarter.

NCMC Homecoming is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends and classmates. If you attended TJC/NCMC and would like to get your class or classmates from a program together for an alumni social please contact the NCMC Development Office at (660) 357-6403.

Several sponsorship opportunities are available during the NCMC Homecoming and Alumni Appreciation Day, please contact the NCMC Development Office for more details, 660-357-6403.

NCMC Development Office

(660) 357-6403
Email Development Office

NCMC Pirates Ball

The NCMC Foundation and NCMC Alumni Association is starting a new tradition to honor our distinguished alumni, lead gift contributors, Voyage Fund donors and all NCMC family and friends with the Pirates Ball! This business attire event is scheduled for February 23, 2019 at the Red Barn in Trenton. We only have room for 200 guests so don’t delay in reserving your tickets.

We will use food and entertainment to take a Voyage and honor and thank those who have donated their time, talent and treasure to NCMC. We hope you will join us. Sponsorships and tables available. We will also have a live auction to benefit the NCMC Foundation’s Knowledge Fund our general scholarship fund.

For more information please contact the NCMC Development Office at (660) 357-6403 ext. 6415.


In 2017 TJC/NCMC honored Nanetta Carter has the lead gift contributor and Paul J. Costello, Linda A. Crooks, Donald L. Gibson, and George “Jack” McCausland has distinguished alumni. Pictured from left, front row, Linda Crooks and Nanetta Carter and from left, back row; Paul J. Costello, George “Jack” McCausland and Donald L. Gibson.

Met Dr. NiCole Neal the newest member of the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees.

Dr. Neal
Dr. Neal graduated from Trenton Senior High School and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia receiving a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Chemistry and Biology, and English. She then attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City and received her Doctorate in Pharmacy. Dr. Neal has been a pharmacist locally at Hy-Vee and Shopko and has been employed as an Allied Health adjunct instructor for NCMC.

Dr. Neal has been active in the community as a board member for the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library, the Grundy County Health Department, and the Trenton High School Alumni. She has served youth programs: Girl Scouts, North Missouri Saddle Club, Green Hills Soccer Program, Trenton Ball Association, and Trenton Band Boosters. She is also a member of the Hodge Presbyterian Church.

I am grateful for this amazing community and appreciate the opportunity to raise my family in my hometown,” said NiCole. “I believe in supporting your community through service, and I am honored to continue to do that as a Trustee for North Central Missouri College.

Dr. Neal is the daughter of the mayor of Trenton, Dr. Nick McHargue and his wife, Cheri. She is married to Vince Neal of Whitaker-Eads Funeral Home and Resthaven Cemetery. Together, they have two children, Wyatt and Elle.

NCMC and North Central Missouri Psychological Services Partner to Offer Services

Lindsay Oram
North Central Missouri College faculty, Dr. Lindsay Oram was recently recruited to participate in the ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) project launched by the University of Missouri Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. The project uses telehealth technology to train and then to support providers as a way to increase access to diagnose and care for children with autism particularly those in the underserved communities.

The result of Dr. Oram’s specialized training, a partnership with NCMC and North Central Missouri Psychological Services to provide psychological assessment services on the NCMC campus and the local community. The partnership is designed to address the shortage of psychological assessment services in the region. Dr. Kristen Alley, NCMC Associate Vice President of Student Affairs states, “We are excited about this new partnership and the ability to provide local testing services for our students, as well as have them available for surrounding schools and communities. Dr. Oram is well-qualified and this collaboration will be a great addition to the services provided in our area.” Specific assessments services include learning disability testing and cognitive testing (gifted or intellectual disability). Functional behavior assessments and behavioral consultations are available upon request. Additional services will be added in the future, including Autism Spectrum Disorder testing, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder testing, and behavioral, social, and emotional screening. Therapy services will not be offered. Private pay and insurance billing options are available. Please contact Lindsay Oram, Ph.D. at (660)373-0904 or [email protected] to inquire about services.

Korynn Skipper, MSN; RN and NCMC Director of Practical Nursing Programs

Korynn Skipper

Why did you choose NCMC?

NCMC’s nursing program was highly respected, close to home and a place where I could use my A+.

What do/did you like best about NCMC?

I loved my nursing instructors!

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

Yes! I recommend anyone interested in the nursing profession to seriously considered going through an associate degree nursing program like NCMC. There is not a difference in entry level pay or position between an associate degree nurse or one with their bachelor’s degree, plus students can enter the profession in two years. With this said, we do encourage all of our students to continue their nursing education and have numerous articulation agreements with four-year institutions to aid in that pursuit.

What was your first job after graduating or attending NCMC?

Registered Nurse working night shift on the Medical-Surgical floor at Cameron Regional Medical Center; although, it was Cameron Community Hospital at the time.

What do you like best about your current job?

My students!

What are you most proud of (personal or professional) and why?

Personally, I am the proud momma of two wonderful children. Daryian is 21 and a senior at Missouri Western in St. Joseph. Camden is 10 and a fourth grader at Pleasant View R-6.

Professionally, I take great pride in working as a nurse educator. I’m blessed with the opportunity to get to have our students in their very first and last semester of nursing school. The transition I witness in each and every student is amazing and I am honored to get to share in that experience. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working with many of my past nursing students. Watching these nurses interact with their clients while implementing excellent problem-solving abilities and nursing skills makes me one proud nurse educator.

Annual Campaign

The Voyage Fund, our first annual campaign, was established as a mechanism for funding many initiatives in our strategic plan such as: increasing the general scholarship fund; funding lab and library improvements, campus technology enhancement, faculty and staff professional development opportunities; establishing new co-curricular programs such as music and drama, as well as assisting students traveling to conferences; and many other areas where we either have lost funding or have a need to fill regarding a new NCMC program.

Having good supporters of NCMC is extremely important. We spend wisely and have deep appreciation for what we have. We have as fine a faculty and staff as does any college. Please take a moment to explore our website or contact NCMC Development staff directly to receive information by mail that demonstrates just what we do. With these things in mind, we kindly ask for your consideration and action to support NCMC through the NCMC Foundation’s Voyage Fund.

Voyage Fund Annual Giving Levels

NCMC Library

Students enjoying the Library

Library Testing Center

The NCMC Library continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our students and faculty. With the remodel of Geyer, our library is completely user friendly and adaptable to whatever needs our students might have. The quiet study rooms are in constant use, as an example of how the library accommodates the students individually or in groups. We work very hard to find ways to reach our students to offer our assistance. Our students can use Text a Librarian, Ask a Librarian, call us, email and, of course, walk right in to see us with our expanded hours! Students want and need, almost instantaneous help, and when they use Text a Librarian or Ask a Librarian, we are able to answer their questions immediately! Our library databases are available on our website 24/7 and we created self-help tutorials to walk the student through how to use each one to find that perfect, reputable article they need.

The NCMC library now includes the Testing Center. It is a natural fit for our Library because we ensure that the students can take tests in a professional, safe, and welcoming environment. Our Testing Center includes visual and audio capabilities to maintain the integrity of our tests. The Testing Center will continue to grow as we increase the number of tests we have available for our students to take, and also tests that our community members might need to take. The number of students who use our resources daily continues to grow and we love every minute of it!

New Programs Added

Ribbon Cutting for North Belt Center in 2018

NCMC has recently added several new programs to better serve students and regional employers. The new Associate in Applied Science in Behavioral Health is a two-year program that prepares students to collaborate with mental health professionals and interact with clients having behavioral and mental health diagnoses. Graduates can seek employment at treatment and rehabilitation centers, substance abuse counseling agencies, half-way houses, correctional facilities, parole and probation, drug court, retirement facilities, schools, and other human service agencies. The Behavioral Health Support program is offered at the North Belt Center location in Country Club, Missouri and can also be completed entirely online.

The college has also added three new “stackable” business-related certificates: Agricultural Business, Business Management Essentials, and Business Technology Essentials. These short-term programs can be completed in a semester or two for those seeking immediate employment, and they can also be used as electives for students planning to transfer to another school with an Associate in Arts. More new programs are in the works and enrollment is up this year. We are always happy to answer questions about all the things we have going on at the college.

We hope you are excited to see your alma mater grow, and want you to know you are always welcome to stop by for a visit. If you want to get involved in other ways, you might consider volunteering at a college event, helping out in other ways with your time or a donation, or spreading the word about all the great things going on at NCMC.

NCMC’s Shooting Club

Shooting Club Members take 1 Shooting Club at Trenton Trap & Skeet Range take 2 NCMC Shooting Club at Trenton Trap & Skeet Range take 3

Students interested in shooting sports can enjoy the activities of one of NCMC’s newest student organizations. NCMC’s Shooting Club formed in 2017 to offer students the opportunity to enjoy firearm shooting sports. Initially focusing on clay target shooting, many of the events take place at the Trenton Trap & Skeet Range. As a student-led organization, participants can benefit from leadership opportunities while practicing organizational and interpersonal skills.

In addition to shooting practice rounds and local contests, club members are researching and forming teams in hopes of competing in regional trapshooting competitions. Tentative community service and fundraising events may include hosting an area competition for high school and FFA shooting teams.