Subject Areas

ARC tutors are selected based upon their knowledge and skills in tutoring our core areas: math and writing. However, our tutors have many talents and are successful students, so they can help with other subjects as well.

If you don’t see a specific class with which you would like some help listed here, give us a call at (660) 357-6334; we’ll do our best to find a qualified tutor to assist you.


* Making an appointment to see a writing tutor is HIGHLY recommended if you are on a tight schedule, otherwise walk-ins are welcome.


Due to limited demand and tutor availability during our summer session, we typically only hire tutors for math and writing; however, if you need help in another specific subject area, please contact Jayne Meservey, Tutoring Center Coordinator, and we will do our very best to assist you. Remember also that writing tutors can help with any of your classes where you are required to write papers (research, lab reports, etc.).