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  1. Select an appropriate career path
  2. Enroll in the articulated course
  3. Complete course to high enough standards to receive completed articulation certificate (Form 4-A) from course instructor

    Form 4-A 

  4. Enroll at NCMC and submit certificate (Form 4-A) to the registrar
  5. Complete 12h of credit at NCMC with at least a 2.0 GPA and apply for articulated credits (using Form 3-A); the student may pay a nominal ‘transcription fee’ at this time

    Form 3-A

School District/Teachers

    1. Contact NCMC to check eligibility at (660) 357-6278

    2. College and district personnel check course against college level course competencies

      • Final exams are optional and may include both performance tests and a written exam
      • Should a final be given, it is to be validated by district and college personnel
      • Courses may be granted articulation approval or be required to make curriculum adjustments
    3. The articulation agreement is signed by both the district superintendent/director and college president and each maintain a copy

    4. Articulation certificates (Form 4-A) are presented by the school at the time of college registration and again when the student applies for college credit award; students receive advanced standing when they enroll in college

    5. After completing 12h at 2.0 GPA, student applies for credit (Form 3-A) and submits copy of certificate (Form 4-A) from the district

    6. Articulation activities are to be summarized and reviewed by the college and the district every two years, preferably annually

For more information about articulated credit, contact the counselor or career and technology teacher at your high school or Career Center. You may also contact the Coordinator of Federal Programs at North Central Missouri College.


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