Course Assessment

The course assessment process allows instructors to collect and analyze information pertaining to a specific course. To begin the process, instructors must identify the student learning objectives (SLOs) for the course, assessment tool(s), criteria defining levels of student success (exceeding, meeting, and failing to meet expectations), and point(s) in time when the data will be collected. Next, summary data is collected and recorded including student information related to enrollment, final grade distribution, withdrawals, and attendance. Faculty then report success data per SLO. From analysis of this data, conclusions are drawn that result in a plan of action for sustainment or improvement of the course. This plan of action is implemented, and the process begins again. The form and other course assessment information are available on the assessment website.


Course assessment can help answer the following questions:

  • To what extent are students achieving the stated course objectives?
  • Do minimum standards need realigning?
  • Does the student know what is most important?
  • Are the prerequisites and entry levels set at an appropriate level?
  • Can topics be introduced in a more effective way to enable student learning?
  • Do students know when they are mastering the course content?

Answering these questions and others can inform and improve the quality of student learning in the course.

To additionally strengthen the course assessment process, instructors are to arrange a follow-up meeting with their division’s faculty assessment consultant to review results and discuss strategies to improve student learning. An action plan will be written, outlining changes to be made the next time the course is taught.

Course Assessment

To view the template, left-click the link below, choose “open,” from the temporary folder, double-click course_assessment_2013.

Course Assessment Template

Course Assessment Checklist for Consultants

Course Assessment Consulting Log (NOTE: This sample log in .pdf format is provided for informational purposes only. Consultants may access a usable Excel document version through the Intranet).

Student Opinion Questionnaires

These questionnaires are electronically administered for all courses each semester for all instructors. The surveys are made available to all students through the college website and are typically left open for students to complete from week 12 to week 14. Multiple announcements are sent out through student email accounts to encourage student participation. Many instructors allow class time for students to log into computers and fil out the course evaluations. The questions are completed online using CampusLabs_CourseEval. Each student will only have access to the evaluations that correspond to their classes and are only able to submit one per class. The evaluations are then tabulated and results and comments made available to faculty and administration. The dean/division chair and faculty member(s) may meet to discuss identified concerns.

Student Opinion Questionnaire (On-Campus)

Student Opinion Questionnaire (Online)