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Resume Building

A résumé is a vital tool in almost all job searches. It is the first impression you give an employer. Your résumé should be tailored to the company and position you are seeking. Bring your résumé by Career Services for proofing and more tips on how to make your résumé standout.

Resume Writing

Guidelines for Students & New Grads Cover Letter Tips Resume Templates Do not use free resume templates – they are old and boring! To really stand out – make your own. Here are some great looking templates that won’t break the bank. OR stop by Career Services and choose from one of the templates they have for students to use for free. Use Keywords to Get Past Robots Large companies that have many individuals apply for their positions often use computer systems (robots) to filter through applicants. This link is a great tool to discover what words you should include on your résumé to make robots choose you.


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Many employers look for experience in applicants, and that might be something you don’t have when graduating college. However, internships provide you with real-life experience, which will appeal to employers. Internships are a great compliment to your academic accomplishments. Not only will an internship help you get a job, it’ll make the transition from college to a real-world career easier. Many students who have participated in an internship say that they gained more knowledge and skills that they’ll use in their career while interning than they ever did through academics.

Many degrees and certificates here at NCMC require an internship to be completed.

Reach out to NCMC Career Services for assistance finding an internship!

Choosing a Career

What Career is Right for Me? What can I do with this Major?

Job Search

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