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Requirements for Withdrawal

Withdrawal/Drop Procedures and Refunds

Students have until the end of the published add/drop period to enroll or make schedule changes.  Tuition and fees for classes dropped prior to the published add/drop deadline will be refunded in full and Title IV aid will be adjusted based on enrollment status, if necessary.  A request to leave a class after the end of the published add/drop period is considered a withdrawal.

Official Withdrawals

A grade of “W” is assigned in classes when students formally request a withdrawal by the deadline for a session. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific withdrawal deadlines.

Students may initiate the withdrawal request by filling out the Request to Withdraw electronic form which is accessible in the myCOMPASS portal. The form populates the student’s current classes and the student can then indicate the class or classes in which he or she wishes to withdraw. The form then asks if the withdrawal is due to COVID-19. If the student indicates the withdrawal is due to COVID-19, the student is prompted to explain.

Contact the Financial Aid Office if you plan on dropping or withdrawing from a course(s) to check on how it may affect Financial Aid eligibility. A Return to Title IV may be required for a student who completely drops/withdraws after having begun attendance (see R2T4 Policy).