The Campus Store is the source for books and supplies, Pirate swag, and more! We are located at 121 East 9th St in Trenton. Hours of operation  for may vary by day and by semester.

Students may visit the Campus Store for all of the books and supplies needed for classes. A complete course schedule, including the maximum student enrollment for each class, can be viewed in the search function  of myCOMPASS. To view a specific academic period, select Advanced Search and the appropriate period. Students may look up the required recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each class at the Bookstore . Don’t forget to visit us during Book Buyback at the end of each semester to sell back your books!


NCMC students are given options to purchase course materials with the use of financial aid before the scheduled refund dates. In order to purchase course materials using financial aid, students must be awarded financial aid and have all requested documents submitted before they can utilize the funds for the course material purchase(s).

Students are only given the option to purchase course materials with financial aid if the student has enough funds to cover their direct costs to the college (Tuition, fees, housing, etc.) and has a remaining credit on their account.  Any course material purchases that the student then makes may not exceed the amount of credit that they have on their account.

Students attending NCMC classes may purchase books with financial aid prior to receiving the aid via refund through an advance book charge available at the Campus Store. Book charges are available two weeks prior to the start of fall classes (one week prior to the start of spring/summer classes) and one week after the course has begun.  Students must have a Pirate Gold OneCard (student ID card) to purchase textbooks with financial aid at the Campus Store.

Students are notified of their options to purchase books via their Financial Aid Offer and on the NCMC website.


Students eligible for Federal Pell Grants and/or Federal Student Loans may opt-out of the advance book charge process and receive a portion of their Federal Financial Aid to purchase course materials.

  • To receive a portion of their Federal Pell Grant or Federal Student Loans to purchase course materials, the student must request to opt-out of the established book charge process.
  • NCMC’s Financial Aid Office will inform students how to opt out and will provide an electronic form for students to use to make the request.
  • The student must submit the opt-out form by the first day of classes for a term.
  • Students with book scholarships are exempt from the opt-out refund.
  • Students in classes where course materials are provided are exempt from the opt-out refund.
  • Students may not receive both an opt-out refund and book charge availability.
  • The refund to be used for course materials will be made available by the 7thday of the student’s payment period.
  • The student must have participated in at least one Academically Related Activityto receive an opt-out refund.
  • The refund will be made from payment of the student’s Federal Pell Grant or Federal Student Loans and will be available to the student via the refund preference selected by the student within their myCOMPASS Portal.
  • The refund will be made from any funds in excess of direct charges to the college.  If the student’s Federal Pell Grant or Federal Student Loans do not completely cover the student’s direct charges, an opt-out refund will not be available.
  • The enrollment period refund amount will be limited to 1) the book component of the student’s COA as determined by NCMC’s FAO; and 2) calculated by the student’s current attending credit hours of enrollment: