NCMC to A Degree: February is CTE Month

By Sarah Bird, CTE Division Chair

Flying to success with NCMC Business


February 10, 2020

During the month of February, we are excited to celebrate CTE degree programs at North Central Missouri College. CTE stands for career and technical education and has been one of the pillars of the modern American education system for many years. Some of NCMC’s CTE programs include Allied Heath, Nursing, Agriculture, Business, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Development.

Why do we celebrate CTE month?  CTE is worth celebrating because of its impact on people’s lives and the economy! There is conclusive evidence that CTE programs work. They are designed to prepare students for jobs and careers by offering education that is practical and hands-on. Most CTE programs are tied to areas of economic need and have been proven to retain students at higher rates than students in traditional education curriculums.

CTE programs help students from ‘falling through the cracks’ of the education system. Students who may not perform well in more traditional curriculums can experience an entirely different outcome in a CTE program where the learning is hands-on and practical to a career field. According to the website for Applied Education Systems “Between 2012 and 2022, the United States will have 50,557,900 job openings that can be filled by CTE graduates.” Many of the jobs mentioned have been recently created to meet the rising demand in certain areas.

Another reason to celebrate CTE programs at NCMC is affordability. These are typically two-year programs and many students are able to use their Missouri A+ scholarship to pay for their tuition.  Students are also encouraged to apply for NCMC scholarships to fund their educational journey.

A student can complete his/her CTE degree and begin a career that is secure and competitive in pay.  A four-year degree is not required to be successful in life.  There are over 16 different areas of CTE education and we invite you to explore our programs at NCMC.  If you are interested in finding a career path that fits you, please visit our website or schedule a visit to campus by contacting our admissions department by phone at (660)359-3948 ext. 1401 or email at [email protected].