High School Student Spotlight – Reagan Quinley

North Central Missouri College is proud to have exceptional high school students in our Dual Credit and Early College programs. The NCMC High School Student Spotlight shines a light on area high school students taking advantage of course offerings through dual credit, early college, or both. This month’s NCMC High School Student Spotlight is Reagan Quinley!

Reagan is a senior at South Harrison High School and is involved in cheerleading, dance team, National Honor Society, Drama Club, and is the current Student Council Vice President.


Why did you decide to take classes through NCMC?

I decided to take classes through NCMC because it is a good, local school that I could afford. After taking my first dual credit class, I found that the software used by NCMC is user friendly and works great so I

continued to enroll there for all of my college classes.

What type of classes have you taken?

I started dual credit my junior year; it was an online proctored course. I then took a few early college classes this summer that were online. Now I am taking a dual credit course at school that is taught by one of my teachers.

What is your favorite part about being an NCMC Pirate?

My favorite part about being a Pirate is how easy it is to get a hold of my professors. This summer when I was taking multiple classes, one of my main worries was how hard it might be to get in contact with my teachers. I was worried about this because since they were online courses, I had no one at home to ask questions. Thankfully, all of my professors were happy and willing to help me and answered my emails very quickly.

How will this experience help you in the future?

This experience will help me in the future because it has allowed me to grasp my classes with my full ability since I never had any unanswered questions. Becoming a nurse, I will be more confident in my knowledge, especially when it comes to science, because I learned everything I could to my full potential.

What advice can you give to high school students considering dual credit or early college through NCMC?

The main thing I could tell high school students is to take your dual credit or early college classes seriously. You’ll hear this a lot, but it is very true – college is hard. I was the type of student with high school classes to put in just enough effort to get the grade I wanted, but I soon realized that this is not the way to go about college classes. You must put in good effort and pay attention to your deadlines.

For questions about the NCMC Dual Credit and Early College programs contact Director of Regional Programs, Whitney Trump at (660) 357-6318 or [email protected].