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Am I meeting SAP?
To determine whether you are meeting SAP, you will need your unofficial transcript which can be found in myCOMPASS . You meet SAP by meeting the qualitative, quantitative and maximum timeframe measures.
SAP Calculator

You will need your unofficial transcript to calculate Financial Aid SAP which can be found in your myCOMPASS  portal.

  • Transferred credit is not used to calculate the NCMC grade point average.
  • Remedial (DS) courses are included in the GPA calculation for purposes of Financial Aid cumulative GPA only. A grade of passing (P) will receive the equivalent of 2.5 and a grade of failing (X) will receive 0 for the Financial Aid cumulative GPA calculation.
  • Financial Aid GPA is calculated differently than Academic GPA. Calculate your academic GPA with the help of the Academic GPA Estimator.

SAP Calculator