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Since 2013, the NCMC Foundation’s Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign has helped to educate tomorrow’s leaders by contributing to the growth of endowed scholarship funds. Only a portion of endowed funds is awarded each year which guarantees the Foundation will continue to assist generations of future students to pursue their educational dreams. The Knowledge Fund, a general scholarship fund, is one of over 50 endowed/named scholarships the Foundation is blessed to manage.

The Knowledge Fund allows donors to invest in scholarships who are not currently interested in starting their own endowed/named scholarship. This scholarship with its open criteria allows more students to qualify for a scholarship which increases the reach of the Gifts in Action Scholarship campaign. Donations to the Knowledge Fund can be made in someone’s honor, memory or part of a yearly contribution. All donations to the Knowledge Fund are used for scholarships only, there are no administrative fees.

If you are Interested in establishing an endowed/named scholarship tailored to your passion or interest or have a questions about NCMC Foundation Scholarships contact Alicia Endicott at (660) 357-6403 or [email protected].